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Friday, September 22, 2023
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Dragon Ball Super: When will the 97th chapter of the manga be released? | Spaghetti code

Date: September 22, 2023 Time: 20:11:53

The Dragon Ball Super manga is getting interesting as we are in the adaptation of its most recent film, as the events that happened there will become canon to the main story, besides the fact that there are details that have been seen in us and those changes could be good.

Currently, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is still being adapted and we have already seen Piccolo’s new transformation, but it is missing a great warrior like Gohan as both were the main characters of this adventure so they were added to the game. on the radar as the strongest heroes.

In the previous chapter, we could see that the battle between Gohan and the android Gamma 1 is just beginning and he releases some of his great power, at the same time, Piccolo revealed his new transformation and more warriors arrived on the battlefield. Just at the moment when the evil Cell Max woke up.

Subscribers are aware of what is happening because they have noticed the changes and want to continue to see their favorite warriors, so here we will tell you when and where you can read the new chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Dragon Ball Super CH97 Draft (2/2) pic.twitter.com/ZAnI7TZnJK

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When and where to read chapter 97 of the Dragon Ball Super manga?

The new chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga will appear on September 20th on Shueisha’s official website, Manga Plus, where you can legally and freely read this story of Akira Toriyama, as this is the main goal.

This is the page for reading the work and you will find the first three chapters as well as the last three, of which one will disappear every month to prioritize updates.

But that’s not the best, because you can enjoy this story and others owned by the publisher entirely in Spanish.

The first drafts of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 showed that Goten and Trunks will have to confront Cell Max, a villain who has become very large, while Gohan and Piccolo will be able to regain some energy before seeing their new transformation into Goku in action. son.

What do you expect from Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 97?


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