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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Dragon Ball: The Manga That Inspired the Story of Goku and the Z Warriors | Spaghetti code

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 14:09:05

It’s a fact that Dragon Ball has become a reference for millions of people around the world and has inspired other artists to create unique universes, but what inspired Akira Toriyama to bring Goku’s story to life?

Toriyama Sensei used various sources to bring his masterpiece to life. He had clearly defined ideas and a concept, but his commitment to Dr. Slump and its serialization kept him locked in. It was then, surprisingly, that a manga appeared that unwittingly became the spark that lit the fire of Dragon Ball.

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The Manga That Unintentionally Helped Create Dragon Ball

Although Dr. Slump was a great success, Toriyama was not entirely satisfied with the work. Just six months into its serialization, I was already eager to finish it. One of the reasons for his disagreement was the independent structure of each chapter, which was contrary to his creative vision. However, Shonen Jump magazine management flatly refused to cancel the story.

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At this point, author Hisashi Eguchi began publishing the manga Stop!! Hibari-kun, who quickly became very popular as he charmed the readers.

This information is known thanks to the MangaMoguraRE account on the site even before it was planned.

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Rapid rise Stop!! Hibari-kun, Hisashi Eguchi’s work, outshone Dr. Slump’s shine. The popularity of the new series had a negative impact on Toriyama’s manga, significantly reducing its success.

Adding to this situation was Eguchi’s difficulty maintaining the pace of weekly publications. The mangaka, overwhelmed by the demand, asked to switch to a two-week rate, but his request was rejected. Unable to meet weekly deliveries, Eguchi began to miss deadlines, which led to conflict with the publisher.

Faced with a crisis, Shonen Jump’s directors made a radical decision: they allowed Toriyama to finish Arale’s story in Dr. Slump, but with the condition of creating a new manga.

Torishima was responsible for advising Tori-sensei and recommended that he combine his passion for kung fu films and create a fighting story that was completely different from what he had done before.

Both Toriyama and Eguchi inspired each other. Stop!! Hibari-kun helped Akira create female characters such as Bulma. While Dr. Slump characters made minor appearances in Eguchi’s works as members of a yakuza gang.

Thus, Dragon Ball was born, thanks to Torishima’s suggestions, but above all thanks to the success of “Stop!!” Hibari-kun, who outshone Dr. Slump.


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