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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Dragon Ball Z: King Chappa is Uub’s master in this incredible drawing made by Toyotaro.

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 13:03:02

Once again, mangaka and artist Toyotaro, responsible for the creation of the Dragon Ball Super manga along with Akira Toriyama, surprised us again with one of his already classic period illustrations, as this time he drew King Chappa as the Uub master at the end of Dragon Ball Z.

It’s been a few months since Toyotaro has been drawing illustrations of classic Dragon Ball characters, especially ones that have been forgotten over time or may never have shined in starring roles, but are pretty cool at the same time. For example, King Chappa, who stood out as the champion of the martial arts tournament for a while, until during the 22nd edition of Goku himself, he came to take the position away from him. However, he is an extremely powerful Earthman, respected by Master Roshi himself, which undoubtedly makes him a legend and a very good candidate for the role of Uub’s teacher, as Toyotaro now presents.

In the drawing of the mangaka, King Chappa says to uubu, “You are really talented. How about taking part in a martial arts tournament? to which the little warrior replies “What?! Me?” Toyotaro then explains that King Chappa, as he envisions him in the future, i.e. something old and gray, was Uub’s teacher, teaching him until the age of 10. The artist notes that similar traits such as skin color and clothes, make him think they might be from the same region.

What do you think of this Dragon Ball Z art made by Toyotaro where he introduces King Chappa as Uub’s master?

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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