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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Evangelion: Asian cosplayer will make you fall in love with Misato Katsuragi

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 10:33:55

The Asian cosplayer brought Evangelion’s Misato Katsuragi to life in her classic NERV uniform, consisting of a red jacket and her famous black dress. Don’t miss this great characterization that took the older Katsuragi from the anime exactly as you imagined her in the real world.

Asian cosplayer Reinamirai1 shared on Instagram his spectacular incarnation of Misato, who perfectly recreates the waifu with everything and her classic purple hair. Don’t miss the incredible images below:

The cosplayer is not shy about showing the roughest side of the older Katsuragi:

When she’s not captivating her fans with cosplays like this, Misato also loves to model everything she has at her disposal. For this reason, a great fan art showed us what a waifu would look like in Asuka’s tight bodysuit. It is true that the elder Katsuragi canonically wore a pilot suit, but nothing beats the classic suits designed to pilot Evangelion squads by select children.

The Evangelion manga is a different interpretation of the story told in the anime, although it is not one of the most famous. This new interpretation was done by Evangelion illustrator, mangaka, and character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, who has mentioned on various occasions that this is his version of the Shinji story. It’s not for nothing that the Evangelion character changes we all know and love are numerous and interesting. The manga will now be released in a collector’s edition in Mexico so you don’t miss out on the details.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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