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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Evangelion: Asuka Becomes a Kitten in This Incredible Furry Fan Art | spaghetti code

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 06:25:13

We believe that of all the characters in Evangelion, including protagonist Shinji Ikari, there was not one who could overcome the barriers of fandom and settle into pop culture like the red-haired tsundere Asuka Langley. Much of this popularity has to do with her determined (and sometimes moody) personality, a little bit of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s design, and a little bit of the fact that this beautiful waifu has always wished us a happy Thursday.

This is the reason why we liked the following fan art so much, as it restores the essence of Hideaki Anno’s character, turning him into an anthropomorphic animal. In this case, we are talking about a cute kitty, the same red as our always beloved Asuka Langley.

Seeing the fan art of I.A. Isuki, we can immediately understand the reasons why the artist decided to turn Asuka into a cat, namely that there is no more gentle, more unpredictable and more sullen animal on Earth, especially when you stroke them and expect a manifestation of tenderness from them, and in return receives nothing but a painful slap in the face.

In this sense, it can be noted that said fanart was made digitally, with a more than acceptable result. To shape this character, IAIsuka chose to dress him in the red plug-in suit that Asuka usually used to maneuver her Evangelion. It is curious that this is where the cat’s body and profile are formed, as we can see its paws outlined on all four limbs. On the other hand, a fluffy tail and thick mane protrude from the body of this cute kitty.

As you can see, this is beautiful fan art, and we are sure that not only fans of linings, but all Evangelion fans in general will like it.

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