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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Fanart transforms Goku into Pegasus Knight in Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya crossover | Spaghetti code

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 11:57:47

Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya have achieved iconic status in the shonen world due to their long-lasting influence and significant contributions to the genre. Both series are united by the shonen formula of self-improvement, friendship and the fight against formidable forces, making them standards of the genre and works beloved by generations of fans. Their influence transcends cultural and time boundaries, making them the fundamental foundations of shonen anime and manga. For this reason, we were fascinated by the following fanart, which allows us to see Goku in the iconic Pegasus armor.

Image: Salvamakoto (DeviantArt)

In this vibrant ’90s-style fan art created by DeviantArt user Salvamakoto, Goku transforms into a cosmic warrior by donning the iconic Pegasus armor from Saint Seiya. The image captures the essence of both universes, combining the essence of the Dragon Ball with the mystical touch of Saint Seiya. Goku, with his signature hairstyle and determined expression, wears golden Pegasus armor adorned with shiny details and a celestial emblem on his chest.

The background evokes the grandeur of the Sanctuary with majestic columns reaching towards the sky. The rich color palette and bold brush strokes reflect the signature animation style of the ’90s, bringing nostalgia and energy to the scene. The combination of these elements creates an epic and thrilling spectacle that transports viewers into an imaginary blend of two of the most beloved sagas of anime and manga. This fan art captures the essence of the golden era of Japanese animation, combining the power of Goku with the myth of the Knights of the Zodiac in a visually vibrant and nostalgic work.


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