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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Fanart transforms Trunks into the Swan Knight in the Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya crossover | Spaghetti code

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 12:26:50

If there’s one warrior who has stolen our otaku hearts, it’s Trunks from Dragon Ball, like Hyoga, the Swan Knight from Saint Seiya. Both characters showcased an introverted, albeit heroic and extremely persistent nature, and perhaps best of all is the design created by two of the most iconic mangaka of all time. For this reason, we were fascinated by the following fanart, which depicts Vegeta’s son transformed into the iconic Swan Knight.

Image: Salvamakoto (DeviantArt)

Seeing the following fanart, the work of DeviantArt user Salvamakoto, we can only praise the wonderful interpretation of the powerful Trunks that he brought to us. In this case, we see that the artist decided to create a figure of Future Trunks who had already trained in the Time Chamber with Vegeta, which can be seen reflected in the musculature and cool profile that this Trunks offers us. The thing is, this variant of Saiyan is not a normal one, but rather he wears one of the most powerful bronze armors: the one possessed by Hyoga, the Swan Knight.

The truth is that few warriors could wear this armor and stand on their feet, let alone look as cool as these chests. In this sense, we are completely confident that such fan art will not only delight fans of Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya, but will also be able to captivate Akira Toriyama and Masami Kurumada themselves. One thing is for sure: Trunks in Swan Armor is epic.

What do you think of this fanart of Trunks becoming the Swan Knight?


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