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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Fanart transforms Vegeta into the Phoenix Knight in Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya crossover | Spaghetti code

Date: December 6, 2023 Time: 07:58:37

Vegeta from Dragon Ball and Ikki from Phoenix Saint Seiya stand out as exceptional characters due to their complex trajectories and emotional depth. Both characters have a history of rivalry, a strict code of honor, and an evolution that makes them compelling figures for fans. Their emotional complexity combined with outstanding fighting skills makes them a mainstay of anime and manga that has resonated with audiences over the years. For these reasons, we were fascinated by the following fan art, which allows us to see the Saiyan prince in Phoenix armor.

Image: Salvamakoto (DeviantArt)

In this fascinating nineties-tinged fan art created by DeviantArt user Salamakoto, Dragon Ball’s Vegeta transforms into a legendary warrior by donning the iconic Phoenix armor from Saint Seiya. In a perfect blend of styles, Vegeta dons impressive golden armor, highlighting his figure with shiny details and the Phoenix symbol on his chest. His serious and determined expression reflects the intensity that characterizes both characters.

The background is reminiscent of the mystical Saint Seiya Temple with majestic columns rising into the sky creating an epic and mythological atmosphere. The rich color palette and bold brushstrokes capture the distinctive visual essence of ’90s animation, bringing nostalgia and energy to the scene. The merging of these two iconic universes creates a work that sparks the imagination and transports fans to an alternate reality where Vegeta takes on the role of the fearless Knight of the Zodiac. Capturing the essence of both sagas, this fan art becomes a visually striking work that celebrates the rich history of these unforgettable characters.


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