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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Kaiju #8: What inspired Naoya Matsumoto to create this story? | Spaghetti code

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 05:35:20

Anime Kaiju #8 created a big stir among the public, with fans of these monsters appearing in Japan gaining so much attention that they can compete with Godzilla, Kong and others, but there is a huge inspiration behind the story. for the author.

Naoya Matsumoto has certainly presented a story where a person can become a kaiju and be placed on the level of these great monsters, something anyone could dream of. But as you go along, you may find some references to other works, and one of them will certainly not go unnoticed.

Godzilla and Other Monster Stories as the Basis of Kaiju #8

Matsumoto-san during the creation of Kaiju No. 8 was inspired by Godzilla, but not by anyone, but specifically by Hideaki Anno, namely by Godzilla Shin, who was completely different, since it was believed that it was a prehistoric reptile that lived in the ocean, but because I had to adapt to the radiation in the area.

Source: TOHO

Another of his inspirations was Ultraman, specifically in Ultraman Ultraseven, who was a hero who joined UG to defend Earth from alien invasions for a long period of time. Kafka even uses some of his fighting techniques as kaiju.

And the last inspiration is none other than “Pacific Rim”, one of the greatest works of Guillermo del Toro, which we can see precisely in Kafka, who can become the famous Kaiju No. 8, but he does not allow being human and is liked by all of them, he also has mistakes and has gone through difficult situations that led him to who he is.

Source: TOHO

For Naoi, creating the story of Kaiju No. 8 was to follow the life of a man who strives to achieve his goals, but who must hide his identity from the organization he is a part of, which may cause him some problems. .


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