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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Kimetsu no Yaiba: Know the ranking of the Nine Pillars in terms of strength.

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 11:39:06

The nine pillars of Kimetsu no Yaiba are also known as the strongest demon hunters in the entire series… But did you know that even among them, there is a ranking that helps us determine which of the 9 is the strongest?

The above was clarified by Koyoharu Gotoge herself when she decided to create a table that would help us distinguish the physical strength of the nine Demon Hunters who bear the rank of Hashira. According to the author of Kimetsu no Yaiba himself, the following table was made thanks to “arm wrestling competitions”.

There is no doubt that physique plays a very important role in determining a demon hunter’s strength (even among the pillars it is recognized); however, keep in mind that the “strength” of demon hunters is also measured by the type of breath they use and the techniques they can use in combat.

For example: from her first appearance, we know that Shinobu Kocho recognizes that she is the Pillar with the least physical strength, but the fact that she created a poison that destroys demons with just a touch of her Nichirin makes her really deadly.

With this fun little chart, we can extract important facts about the power of the Nine Pillars, such as the Pillar of Earth (Himejima) and the Sound (Uzui) being the two strongest demon hunters in the order, followed by the very close four Path of Struggle between Pillars of Fire (Kyojuro), Wind (Sanemi), Water (Tomioka) and Love (Mitsuri).

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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