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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Kimetsu no Yaiba: Why does Genya want to become Pilar? | spaghetti code

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 06:49:37

Season 3 of Kimetsu no Yaiba still features some exciting moments between hunters and demons as we have seen some of the characters jump into action after not seeing them for a while, and one of them is Genya Shinazugawa, Pilar’s younger brother. .

In recent episodes, we’ve seen what he’s capable of to counter Upper Moon, especially when he has extraordinary powers like demon power, but we’re also discovering part of his personality and his tragic past, as well as having a clear goal in mind.

In the last chapter, we will delve a bit into the past of Genya and her brother Sanemi, who decided to become a Hashira despite not having a Breathing Technique and only using a knife and a shotgun, with which she showed excellent marksmanship. .

This character’s emotional revelation comes just as he gains the power of a demon and is confronted by one of the Hantengu clones, which causes him to get attacked and find himself in a fight with his present and past because his dream of becoming an elite hunter may fizzle out. . .

The main reason why Genya became a Pillar in Kimetsu no Yaiba is to be able to apologize to his brother Sanemi because in his past memories he was forced to kill his mother who turned into a demon and killed many people part of your family .

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