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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Kyojuro Rengoku dressed as Kimetsu no Yaiba student

Date: March 28, 2023 Time: 08:46:53

Pillar of Fire has become a hot student with a lot of style thanks to the gorgeous Kimetsu no Yaiba cosplay we’re sharing with you today, which features Kyoguro Rengoku in the same style we saw in the Demon Slayer spin-off series.

Kyoguro Rengoku is without a doubt one of the anime characters we’ve suffered the most since the swordsman quickly won us over with his personality, his courage and his outlook on life, in addition to his amazing strength, so look, how it falls. The Akaza in Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train was undeniably devastating. Although the good news is that the Pillar of Fire is back in the Tales from Kimetsu Academy spin-off, where we can see our favorite characters as high schoolers and dressed in a more casual style, exactly like the one shown in the anime cosplay. that we share. below.

As you can see, Instagram artist @mocchi.photo is the one responsible for revealing this incredible version of Hashira dressed as a student. We see him putting aside his Demon Slaying Corps uniform and his iconic and brand new Haori to wear dress pants, a white shirt and a red tie, an outfit that reminds us a lot of RBD (LOL).

And, of course, the magic of this anime cosplay is in the makeup, the pupils, and also the wig, two elements that make this boy almost identical to Kyoguro Rengoku.

Let’s finally remember that Rengoku may not return in the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime; however, we are getting closer to seeing the third season of the Ufotable series, in which we will meet two new Hashirs, Pillar of Mist and Pillar of Love.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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