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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Manga Plus is shaking? Kodansha announces its own manga reading platform

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 04:07:10

Kodansha has officially confirmed the launch of KMANGA, its new digital manga reading platform, as well as a large number of series currently being published by a Japanese publisher.

The KMANGA platform will be launched in May 2023 and will have 400 titles in its catalog by the end of the first year. Kodansha was founded in 1909 and has produced some of the most popular games in the industry under its label, such as Sailor Moon, Sakura Card Captor, Attack on Titan, Ijiranaide! Nagatoro-san, Fairy Tail, Blue Lock and others.

The service bears some similarities to the Manga Plus app offered by publisher Shueisha: KManga will be published simultaneously with Japan and will have access to the latest chapters of up to 70 Kodansha titles, and the platform will be managed directly by Kodansha and its English team.

However, we must note that for now, KManga will only be available in the United States and therefore all translations will be adapted into English. This is a little disappointing given the popularity of the industry in more regions of the world (Latin America for example), although we are lighting a candle to make Kodansha’s services available to the public in more regions.

Would you like to read manga in your country from the new Kodansha app? Reading manga through digital media is very common today, and with this in mind, some publishers have begun porting their titles to other platforms.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy is an associate editor for ePrimefeed covering latest news, economy and movie.

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