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Mila Kunis On That Time Ashton Kutcher Ended Up In The Hospital While Preparing To Play Steve Jobs

Mila Kunis On That Time Ashton Kutcher Ended Up In The Hospital While Preparing To Play Steve Jobs

Doing a biopic can be a challenge for any actor or actress especially if the figure was adored. That seemed to be the case when Ashton Kutcher headlined the 2013 biopic Jobs. The That ’70s Show alum channeled the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ ascension to a tech innovator. Kutcher took playing the revered tech genius seriously in many ways. Of course, his wife Mila Kunis was there to witness his preparation for the role. According to her, it wasn’t all rainbows and shine. Kunis revealed how her husband ended up in the hospital trying to become Steve Jobs.

While Jobs was poorly received by critics and audiences, Ashton Kutcher poured his all into the role. Kutcher’s preparation for the role was more of a family affair, according to Mila Kunis. After learning about the actor’s telling of his Jobs experience, his wife couldn’t help but poke holes in his story. The Bad Moms star spilled what happened to her husband while filming the biopic.

Oh, he’s downplaying it. He was so dumb. He also I think only ate grapes at one point, it’s so stupid. We ended up in the hospital twice with pancreatitis. So, fact check: yes, it was really dumb.

Of course, Mila Kunis gave major annoyed wife energy while recounting of the dire situation. Prepping for the role wasn’t only a demanding time for Ashton Kutcher but his family as well. Kunis seemed more frustrated by Kutcher downplaying his hospitalization. She vividly recalled those moments and how terrifying they were. At least, Kutcher was committed to becoming the late Apple CEO. Anyone who’s studied Steve Jobs knows the tech savant was a complicated figure both in life and death. So, Kutcher wanted to do his best to honor Jobs. Thankfully, the Hollywood couple’s marriage was able to survive the trying experience.

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But Mila Kunis wasn’t done checking her husband’s half-truths. She went in on Ashton Kutcher’s That 70s Show memorabilia. Check out her full interview on Hot Ones below to see what a certain someone might’ve said to the Luckiest Girl Alive star.


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