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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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My Hero Academia 376: All For One’s Plan to Defeat Heroes Revealed

Date: February 5, 2023 Time: 00:25:25

The My Hero Academia manga makes life difficult for the heroes as the villains keep the situation under their control, especially due to the return of Himiko Toga, who used her Gift to use her best friend’s gift and the advantage, that’s right, his friend Twice.

Everything seems to indicate that we may be close to the end of the story, but in chapter 376, the main villain All For One revealed the plan he has to dominate the world and he reported it to Hawkeye, who stopped him in its maximum.

Warning: This note will contain spoilers for Chapter 376 of My Hero Academia, in which case we recommend that you read it at your own risk.

In this recent chapter of the manga, while the heroes are trying to regroup, All For One wants to take the opportunity to go to his goal, to get to the place where Tomura Shigaraki is, but he is stopped by the Hawks, and he realizes who he is. do. try.

All For One does not let this hero know what the villain is up to, though he admits it through a short speech that lets him know what he is up to, wanting to go with Shigaraki.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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