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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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My Hero Academia 401: The first images show Stain joining the fight… against the villains? | Spaghetti code

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 09:28:24

The situation in the My Hero Academia manga is getting tense as we approach the end of the story, but now we are close to the end of one of the biggest battles to begin the most anticipated one, and it is still unclear who will win.

Warning: This post may contain spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 401, so we suggest you read at YOUR own risk. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

In the previous chapter, we were able to appreciate Hagakure’s true form after he helps his partner Aoyama, so now the decades-long secret has been revealed, and the little hero will have to shine again to save everyone.

Now, in issue 401, “El lunatico”, we are transported into a brutal battle between All for One and All Might, but someone unexpected appears, and it is none other than the villain Stane, who could support the heroes .

Source: Shueisha

The final multi-character battle in My Hero Academia 401?

The first panels of the manga show that Stain arrived on the battlefield after discovering traces of the blood of All For One and All Might, so upon arriving he sees the confrontation and decides to attack along with the hero, but the villain activates another feature. .

This causes All For One’s blood to leave his body and splatter because he knew the Stain would do something against him. We know about the abilities of this crazy villain, who can only lick blood, but All For One uses another gift and changes the composition of his blood.

The second villain is thrown a meter away and then flies to where he is as it looks like his quirk will be taken away from him, but instead he hits him very hard and a lot of blood comes out. While All Might decides to attack, Hercules still has the strength to protect him.

However, it seems that things did not end well, but we will have to wait for the release of chapter 401 of the My Hero Academia manga this week.

What do you think will happen to All Might in My Hero Academia?


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