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Friday, March 24, 2023
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My Hero Academia: Admire the beauty of Lady Nagant in this epic illustration by her author.

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 09:26:42

Wake up a fan of My Hero Academia because the creator of the series (Kohei Horikoshi) made an amazing illustration of Lady Nagan thanks to the introduction of this character in the animated adaptation.

In general, we can see Lady Nagant as an extremely dangerous person, especially due to her natural abilities combined with those of her Gift. However, this illustration below shows us that her menacing appearance is also part of this mercenary woman’s alluring charm.

And you ask yourself, what explains this attractive illustration of the villain from Tartaros? It so happened that this drawing was made a few minutes before the broadcast of the 133rd episode (titled “Killer”) of “My Hero Academia”. The appearance of this woman only heralds the prelude to one of the most intense fights the Deku Seinen will have to date.

What do you think of this illustration of Lady Nagant from her appearance in Season 6 of My Hero Academia? To date, the animated adaptation of My Hero Academia has 133 episodes spread over six seasons, which you can watch on Crunchyroll both in the original language with subtitles and dubbed in various languages ​​(including Latin Spanish).

My Hero Academia Season 6 has 25 episodes planned and is currently in the Dark Hero Arc Season 2.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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