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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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My Hero Academia Shares A Peek At Episode 12 Of Season 6

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 11:21:33

This week there will be a very interesting episode.

As more and more excitement builds towards the upcoming season finale of The My Hero Academia anime, it’s evident that the show is getting increasingly tense. As for episode 9, the episode’s bombshell revealed Dabi’s true identity, making it one of the biggest moments in the series so far.

Anime fans can expect a lot of character-driven stories this season with lots of action. One storyline that was revealed in the batch of images tweeted by the show’s official account is an adaptation of the Paranormal Liberation War arc of the manga, written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. The next episode will arrive on Sunday and there will be a lot more surprises to come!

It looks like Dabi’s identity will be revealed at this new episode, but we’ll have to wait and see how the villains react when they find out that their top thief, Best Jeanist, is actually alive.

In the images of My Hero Academia, you can see that Dabi will use his great talents and skills and engage in a showdown with the Todoroki family.

Photo: TOHO Animation

Shoto is at odds with his brother Toya, and the fight could happen while Endeavor is still caught up in the news of what happened to Tamburine. “Endeavor has plenty of damage to think about from Tamburine,” he said.

In the same place, we see how Jeanist will use his Quirk to stop Gigantomachia, who has finally arrived after traveling a long way, while Deku and Bakugo will also push their bodies to the limit in order to stop this organization.

While some anime is multilingual, that doesn’t always mean it’s available in all languages. If you have been wanting to see My Hero Academia in your native language and prefer the subtitles, then you’ll be happy to hear the show has arrived on Crunchyroll in English, Spanish, and French.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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