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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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My Hero Academia: This is how All Might could look like a samurai thanks to artificial intelligence | spaghetti code

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 16:02:38

The My Hero Academia franchise is undoubtedly one of the most popular to date, as several characters have managed to win the love of many fans, including All Might, one of the heroes who has become a symbol of peace for all.

Undoubtedly, the character has earned the respect of many, especially for being one of the main characters, besides the fact that he has gone through several eras and is the most recognizable, thanks to Deku, his golden age, but it seems that there was not much All Might before the current one.

Via Instagram, user Senpaicrusade shared a series of images in which the artificial intelligence depicted this character from My Hero Academia, but with a completely different hue as he turned into a powerful samurai.

Artificial intelligence has become very popular in recent years as it has been able to recreate anime characters in different ways, and in this case, All Might is no exception.

As can be seen, All Might’s essence is present, such as the spiky blonde hair while he wears a white, red, and blue samurai costume, as well as a pair of tattoos on his arms.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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