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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Naruto: How many types of Rasengan are there? | Spaghetti code

Date: June 17, 2024 Time: 07:01:59

Without a doubt, the most iconic jutsu in the Naruto universe is the Rasengan, a technique developed by the Fourth Hokage that came in different shapes and sizes, either due to the excessive concentration of chakra or its combination with the natural energy of Sage Mode. . However, it always fulfilled its purpose of protecting the user’s loved ones.

regular rasengan

Rasegan’s original form, a collection of chakra concentrated into the shape of a sphere, the effect of which causes his opponents to fly depending on how much energy was spent on him. Minato Namikaze’s jutsu was inspired by the Bijuu Dama from the Jinchuriki.

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Large Rasengan Ball

Once Naruto masters the Rasengan technique, through training with Jiraiya, he develops this version, which consists of a concentration of chakra much greater than its original version, to the point where the protagonist requires a shadow clone to support him.

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Rasen Shuriken

Rasen Shuriken represents the introduction of natural chakra into the Fourth Hokage’s technique, causing him to transform into a kind of shuriken with a special sound. Throughout Naruto’s work, he manages to improve upon this technique by implementing sage mode and his Bijuu form, where he can draw the energy of tailed beasts and create variants of sand, water, bubbles, acid, ink, or the iconic Bijuudama.

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Rasengan with natural energy, Naruto icon

Once Naruto masters Sage Mode, he creates various variations based on the Great Ball Rasengan, among which he can greatly increase its size and force his shadow clones to recreate them. Among the moments where this skill set is best appreciated is the battle against Kurama, when the protagonist tries to master his power.

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