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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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One Piece: Nami’s cosplay reflects the beauty of her wanted poster | spaghetti code

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 16:09:58

The most wanted One Piece characters by the world government are getting juicy rewards that would make any bounty hunter drool over, but this cosplay by tunajcosplay (Instagram) reminds us how beautiful Nami looks on the wanted poster.

Nami seems to have a soft spot for photographs. She doesn’t mind posing when the camera stops on her, even if she’s being filmed by a member of the Navy. That’s why he appears on two of his awards posters, showing off his alluring and seductive charm.

During her travels with the Straw Hat crew, Nami gained some notoriety, being involved in various incidents involving the Navy and even the World Government. That’s why the Navy is currently offering a reward of 166 million berries to those who capture (dead or alive) the Straw Hat Navigator.

What do you think of this One Piece Nami cosplay? The Mugi animated adaptation continues to air every weekend on Crunchyroll, and as of today, there are 1,064 episodes you can watch on the platform. On the other hand, the 26th anniversary of OP is approaching and there will be a wave of franchise announcements at the One Piece Day ’23 event.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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