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Friday, March 24, 2023
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One Piece: Nanatyx is ready to visit Wano with this Nami cosplay

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 02:27:34

We continue the Wano arc in the One Piece anime, and thanks to this cosplay of Nami by Nanatyx (Intstagram), we can remember the first outfit worn by the navigator when she arrived in the land of the samurai.

It seems that Wano left Nami one of the outfits most fitting for her name, thanks to that pretty blue hue. In case you didn’t know, Straw Hat’s navigator’s name means “wave”, and the colors of her outfit perfectly reflect the blue seas Nami travels with her crew.

After 25 years of One Piece, we all know how beautiful Nami can be due to her looks, but Nanatix also gives her acting an extra touch by making the same facial expression as the other Straw Hats when they found out that Luffy was arrested in the Flower Capital. .

What do you think of this One Piece Nami cosplay? The animated adaptation of this series continues to air every weekend on Crunchyroll and you can watch its 1050 episodes on this platform. The live version of One Piece will also premiere in 2023 on Netflix.

On the other hand, One Piece began as a manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda in the pages of Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump since July 1997, one of the longest running written series to date. To date, the author continues to publish weekly in the magazine and through the Manga Plus app from the same publisher and has published 1076 chapters and 104 collections to date.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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