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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Oshi no Ko: Who was Ruby Hoshino before her transformation? | Spaghetti code

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 06:06:09

In Oshi no Ko, Ruby Hoshino is a character with a very strong personality. He amazes anyone with his optimism and determination. She has proven that she is unstoppable and will not rest until she achieves her goal of becoming an idol with more popularity than her mother Ai Hoshino. His charm is undeniable, but many are haunted by the question: who was he before his reincarnation?

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Ruby’s Sad Life Before She Became a Beautiful Idol in Oshi no Ko

Like her twin brother Aqua, she led a very different life than the one she leads today, as her name was Sarina Tendoji. A girl, a patient at the hospital where Goro Amamiya worked, and a big fan of her favorite idol, Ai Hoshino. Unfortunately, she faces a harsh fate, as being a prisoner of an incurable disease ends her life.

Image: Doga Kobo

Despite her apparent fragility, Sarina radiated energy when she mentioned her favorite idol, Ai. A special sparkle lit up his eyes, and a mischievous smile appeared on his lips as he mocked Goro, his doctor. Sarina Ai’s devotion was undeniable; He devoured their every performance, memorizing every dance step with meticulous precision. Her passion for her idol was so infectious that it was impossible not to succumb to her enthusiasm.

His companion during his treatment was Dr. Goro Amamiya. Apparently, she fell in love with him and made him promise that they would get married when he turned 16 and recovered. The doctor, touched by her love, agreed to her request to make her happy.

Image: Doga Kobo

Throughout the play Oshi no Ko, details of Ruby’s past as Sarina are revealed. It was revealed that she spent her days alone in the hospital, watching videos of Ai, since her family did not visit her and, the saddest part, she showed no interest in it. This is a defining moment for Ruby’s development as a character.

Despite her sad and bleak past, Ruby is focused on the present and her goal of reaching Aya. Adversity failed to weaken her spirit, but rather strengthened it, turning her into a resilient and determined young woman.


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