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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Pokemon: Fanart presents Ash Ketchum as an adult and quite masculine

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 21:28:09

One of the things that got the most attention for Pokémon is that the main character, unlike other anime like Dragon Ball or Naruto, never grew up even after 25 years. For this reason, many fans have always wondered what Ash Ketchum will look like as an adult, and now we can visualize this thanks to some great fan art that depicts him as a real husband.

Pokemon has been on everyone’s lips ever since Ash Ketchum became world champion during last year’s Eight Masters Tournament, and up to that point, as we recall, the trainer lives out his last episodes in the anime with an arc that was commissioned to say goodbye. with him. quite nostalgic with each of the chapters, because after more than a quarter of a century of chasing the dream of being “always the best”, it’s finally time to say goodbye to both him and Pikachu. , though yes, not having grown a single hair since we saw him leave Pallet Town.

Here’s how we approached a drawing by artist @salvamakoto shared via his alternate Instagram account @kiiubos, where Ash Ketchum in his twenties looks much bigger and has a good physical resemblance. Also, we see him surrounded by his original team, all in their final forms; Venosaurus, Blastoise, Pidgoto, Butterfree and Charizard, as well as the inevitable and always loved Pikachu.

There’s no denying that the style and age fit the young Ketchum very well in this version, so maybe OLM should one day consider showing us a similar character design in the future, though that’s unlikely.

What do you think of this Pokemon fan art that depicts Ash Ketchum as an adult and anime husband?

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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