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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Pokémon Horizons is the title of a new anime, and here’s a great trailer for it

Date: June 7, 2023 Time: 05:34:06

Today is an extremely special day for the anime world, especially for Pocket Monsters fans, as the day has finally come for Ash Ketchum to say goodbye to the franchise to leave all the focus on a new series called Pokémon Horizons u Pokémon Horizons in Latin America.

After Ash’s final episode, the name of the new anime was revealed, which we can see is a bit of a formula from the last seasons of young Ketchum called Pokémon Journeys or Pokémon Travel, which had two subtitles; Master Journeys and Definitive Journeys, so it’s possible that those of the pocket monster company are playing with the same idea in this new series, which undoubtedly marks a milestone in the history of the franchise and which, in addition, finally shows us a big trailer. in which everything is ready for the premiere next month.

Pokémon Horizons will star Liko and his Sprigatito, accompanied by Roy and his Fuekoko. Other new characters we can see in this preview are Professor Freed and Captain Pikachu, Oriya who has Metagross, Molly with her cute Chansey, Murdock who has Rockruff and a guy named Landon.

Similarly, one of the new villains of this next arc appears named Amethio, who has the mysterious and undeniably powerful Ceruledge as a Pokémon.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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