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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Pokemon: What are the names of the main characters of the new anime?

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 21:46:25

Since last year, The Pokémon Company has announced that Ash Ketchum will be leaving the series once and for all, which obviously upset most of the fans, but with this news, it has also been revealed that there will be a new anime with new main characters, who will now be the ones in charge of giving life of adventure in the world of Pocket Monsters.

However, few details have been known about the next installment of the franchise, such as the names of the new main characters who will be lucky enough to replace the great Ash Ketchum on the small screen. This information has finally been revealed through official accounts recently with a video that officially introduces us to these characters who may not resonate so much with longtime fans but have a difficult task to win over new generations.

With a total of four new characters to go on their adventures as trainers across the Paldea region Pokémon Scarlet & Violet:

Let’s keep in mind that other Pokémon that will be important in this new series are Scarlet and Violet; Fuekoko, Spirigatito and Quaxli. Finally, let’s not forget that a new Pokémon anime will be released later this year, presumably on April 14, 2023, after the end of Ash and Pikachu’s final season, leading them to meet great characters from the franchise’s past like Misty. and Brock.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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