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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Spy x Family to have second season and movie in 2023

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 16:06:29

The adventures of the Forgers, a family formed by a spy, hitman and small-time telepath, will continue in the second season of the Spy x Family anime. This is true! Next year we will see more adventures of these characters.

During Jump Festa 2022, the currently streaming anime series announced that its second season is in production, but it doesn’t seem like it will come out alone as there are plans for a movie, both scheduled for 2023.

As for this new season of the anime, there aren’t many details yet, but it’s obvious that it will adapt the rest of the manga or the current story, so we’ll see a few episodes compared to the first season.

In terms of the film, Spy x Family has unveiled the first visual, created by Tatsuya Endo himself, which sees Loyd, Anya, Yor and Bond as part of this new adventure aboard an airplane.

As for this part of the film, it was revealed that it will tell a completely original story, while Endo-sensei will be in charge of character design, plot, and it is clear that he will oversee the work on the film.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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