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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Spy x Family: Why is Lloyd Forger known as Twilight? | Spaghetti code

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 15:44:06

Spy x Family stands out as having some of the most colorful and interesting characters in the world of anime and manga, as the main characters have unique abilities that attract followers. Especially Lloyd Forger, a professional spy who goes by the code name Twilight.

This attractive character has a brilliant mind and is a master of analysis and strategy. Able to develop complex plans and adapt them to any unforeseen situation. However, one of the questions fans are asking themselves regarding this spy is: why is he named Twilight?

Image: Studio VIT

This is why Loid’s codename is “Twilight”.

The main reason Loyd goes by the codename “Twilight” is because it is not her real name, but rather the name assigned to Operation Strix. The name means “twilight” and not only refers to his abilities as a spy, but also reflects the transition between light and dark, between the visible and the hidden. This represents the double life that Loyd leads as a spy, operating in the shadows while maintaining the appearance of an ordinary person.

Additionally, his work focuses on stealth, and twilight is a time when visibility is reduced, reflecting the secretive nature of Loid’s spy work. He operates in secret, gathering information and manipulating events without being noticed.

Image: Studio VIT

Loid’s difficult childhood affected him so much that he developed an aversion to children’s crying. This situation became the motivation for him to want to dedicate himself to the life of a spy and work in a world where children have no reason to cry.

This goal and the loss of loved ones motivated him to become an outstanding soldier with the intention of opposing the Remain. It is then that a mysterious cloaked man notices Loid’s abilities and recruits him as an intelligence agent.

Twilight underwent intensive spy training for at least ten years. His fighting style is characterized by a pragmatic approach, making the most of his surroundings to gain an advantage in any situation.

Currently, his mission is to get married and have a child, so he asks Yor to be his fake wife and adopts Anya.

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