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Friday, March 31, 2023
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The Black Lady will return to Sailor Moon to unleash evil in this cheeky cosplay

Date: March 31, 2023 Time: 09:11:00

The story of Sailor Moon is one of the favorites in the anime and manga industry as it marked a generation of girls and young people who fought for what they love so much and even for what is fair, but also some of the characters managed to be very charming.

The Black Lady was one of them, as she appeared during one of the most important story arcs created by Naoko Takeuchi and demonstrated what evil is capable of, as well as revealing the intentions of the enemy.

Via Instagram, the Faelablance model shared her own version of this Sailor Moon character, which gave her a personality without losing her original design, and also became one of the favorite villains of many.

Black Lady is a version of Chibi Mustache in the service of the Black Moon Clan. The villains took advantage of the little girl’s vulnerability to make her theirs.

Apparently, the cosplayer respected the essence of the character, and among them is her pink hair with a pair of bows on her head, from which two long strands come out, similar to those of Chibi Mustache, and they seem to be curly. . . .

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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