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Monday, October 2, 2023
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The First Slam Dunk hits the top 10 in Mexico | spaghetti code

Date: October 2, 2023 Time: 08:18:11

Shohoku’s last match in The First Slam Dunk has already made a splash in theaters in Mexico after it was announced that the film was one of the top 10 theatrical releases in Mexico. On its opening weekend, The First Slam Dunk grossed $5.8 million, enough to place it at number nine on the list.

Add to this that The First Slam Dunk received positive reviews from both the press and the general public. We gave it a (9/10) rating, concluding that this film crowns the more than 20-year history of Slam Dunk as a masterpiece by its author Takehiko Inoue.

The First Slam Dunk (2023) premiered in Mexico on July 27 in both the original language with subtitles and dubbed in Latin Spanish. The film will also release on August 3, 2023 in several Latin American countries.

Have you already seen the First Slam Dunk at the cinema?

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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