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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Trigun Stampede: What is the figure that appeared in July/July?

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 10:48:02

The Trigun Stampede anime series has undoubtedly caused a stir among fans as the new vision of Vash, Meryl, Nicholas and Knives is the best form of Yasuhiro Nightow’s original story, so a few details have come to light.

The recent episode of the anime was one of the most exciting we’ve seen as now the twins Vash and Knives have seen their faces, one wants to help humanity and the other wants to make the world a better place for plants so there’s a fight between them.

This is the symbolism of the creature that appeared in chapter 11 and caught the attention of many. Thanks to Twitter user NoBeardSa, we were able to better understand this situation.

Although in the final minutes of this episode of Trigun Stampede, after Vash’s memories were altered, it is seen that a figure stands out in the center of Julai/Yuli’s town, bearing a certain resemblance to someone who has a very important brand for Vash.

That’s right, the figure or being is the same shape as Rem Saverem, who took care of the twins and raised them, so Vash manifests this image through his roots, but out comes a geranium between blue and purple, which could represent Knives’ love for Vash.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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