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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Why did Goku turn brown in Dragon Ball GT?

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 14:10:53

Even those most stuck with Dragon Ball know that the series hides more than one unsolved mystery among hundreds of episodes, and the wonderful change Goku made to the beginning of Dragon Ball GT is one of them. Why did Goku turn brown when he started this Z Fighter spin-off? Here we answer this and other questions about the Akira Toriyama series that will definitely keep you awake.

There are two main theories to explain why Goku got a good tan before the Dragon Ball GT launch. The first has to do with the way Akira Toriyama drew the little Saiyan, and this is explained by statements by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, Dragon Ball GT’s character designer. According to the illustrator, the goal of the series was to show Goku, who “looks like a child, although inside he is an adult.” Hence, in addition to better defining traits, even though it was his child version, he also decided to make it slightly darker to reflect his age.

Another theory has to do with what happened inside Dragon Ball GT, and it will no doubt be more glaring in the eyes of the fans. Well, while the anime is a little inconsistent when it comes to accurately identifying Goku’s skin tone (as he changes in flashbacks and other scenes), some believe that Goku is actually tanned after a hard workout. Given that GT picks up where the Dragon Ball Z anime ends, fans have come to the conclusion that Goku may have been more exposed to the sun while training at Kamisama Palace alongside Uub.

Maybe the Saiyan resists the onslaught of the Kamehameha, but not a few sunny days without a tan? Don’t forget to tell us your theories in the comments.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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