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Monday, December 11, 2023
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Why Is World Otaku Day Celebrated On December 15?

Date: December 11, 2023 Time: 00:04:36

Do you know why World Otaku Day is celebrated?

This year is the 35th annual World Otaku Day, a date that became less offensive thanks to anime and manga fans who changed it to something more positive.

The term “otaku” means many different things to different people. But by looking back at its origins, we can see that this once-derided term has gained recognition, and in the process of doing so, created a certain community.

About the Term Otaku

“Otaku” is said to be derived from the word “other people”, a categorization that might also describe people who are interested in anything other than mainstream popular culture.

After a review of the book, it’s clear that “per se” most likely refers to the idea itself and not the taste in itself. In that same post, Nakamori labeled anime and manga fans “nasty” or “social misfits”.

After Tsutomu Miyazaki’s murders, “otaku” became a term with a negative meaning. It even took on a worse meaning after Miyazaki ended up arrested and then murdered one of his own colleagues, who had the nickname given to him due to his obsession with anime and manga. Therefore, those who like to push away anything with the word samurai in the name are pushing away their favorite things.

As time progressed, the stigma of the term dwindled. Fans began to overcome it, and fans worldwide started to display their love for anime and/or manga in a more open way. Over time, anime has become widely accepted in various countries, and people are embracing the cultural movement that is happening!

World Otaku Day is celebrated on December 15 because it is the day that became popular with the term “otaku” in Japan. However, now the celebration of this day has a completely different meaning than its true origin.

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Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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