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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Yor Forger of Spy x Family shows off his best form in this amazing fan art

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 09:01:24

One anime that fans keep talking about is Spy x Family, as the adventures of Los Forgers give us a lot of laughs, especially since it’s a family made up of a spy, a little telepath, and a hitman. , Yor Forger.

Yor conquered everyone from the first moment with her calm nature, but, although somewhat clumsy, managed to show that she could be a good mother to Anya, in addition to the fact that the second job would allow her to leave a better world.

Via Instagram, artist Zakuga shared a beautiful and amazing illustration of this Spy x Family character that shows her true nature as the Princess of Thorns in a very frightening way and will be ready for anything.

Thorn Princess is an assassin with great skills that she will use to kill the bad guys who want the world to be destroyed and to protect her brother.

As you can see, Yor Forger has evolved into her alter ego, who has a rather peculiar outfit that will help her hide the bloodstains, as it consists of a black dress with several straps on the chest, and this one has openings on the chest. chest, legs, to be able to perform any attack.

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