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Thursday, February 2, 2023
HomeMovie & TV SeriesYou can now see a preview of Episode 1 of Trigun: Stampede.

You can now see a preview of Episode 1 of Trigun: Stampede.

Date: February 2, 2023 Time: 14:16:06

With the first anime premieres coming up in 2023, this week we will have nothing less than the debut of Trigun: Stampede, which has just shared a preview corresponding to the first episode of the animated series.

We mean this episode, which premiered at Anime NYC, has finally shared a preview of its world premiere. Produced by animation studio Orange, the series is characterized by its use of CGI; However, we have to admit that this style was not bad for the return of one of the most anticipated anime series since its first adaptation in the 90s.

Trigun Stampede will premiere on January 7, 2023, which we can see on Crunchyroll. Among the details, we know that the first episode of Trigun Stampede is titled “No Man’s Land” and the anime’s official website also shared the following synopsis:

Will you be watching the premiere of the first episode of Trigun Stampede?

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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