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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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10 reasons why figure skater Chigiryov is the perfect man for Medvedeva

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 06:49:19

Two-time world champion Evgenia Medvedeva has declassified an affair with figure skater Dmitry Chigirev. The little-known hotbed of hers still cannot be compared with her in terms of career success, so she was on the wave of discussions on the Web. Everyone wants to know how he conquered the world famous single skater, because her heart for a long time remained deaf to the attention of numerous fans.

In fact, Dima managed to fit into Zhenya’s ideal idea of ​​​​a man. There are at least ten reasons why he ended up choosing it.

dark and tall

For the appearance of the ideal chosen one, Evgenia Medvedeva never set any strict criteria. However, in my dreams, I clearly saw myself next to a tall, dark-haired boy.

“Tall. One meter eighty more. Brunette”, described the portrait of the fiancé Medvedev in the Tasty with Laysan program on TV3.

Dmitry Chigirev

Photo: Photo from the athlete’s personal archive.

Zhenya’s desire is easy to understand: being a brunette herself and a little girl, she looks very organically with a tall, stately brown-haired woman. It is very pleasant to look at a couple in love, as if they were the heroes of a movie, where the actors were carefully selected for the sake of an impeccable image.

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She boasts thick hair and a great figure.

As for the appearance, Zhenya has a couple more requirements for those who want to win her heart: a slender figure and the presence of hair on her head. The skater herself never had a problem with this. Even during puberty, she remained slim to the envy of her competitors. After leaving the big sport, Zhenya is still satisfied with her excellent shape, so it is logical that she expects the same from her second half. And there is nothing to say about her thick curls – the girl’s hair is luxurious.

“Dating bald and fat? This is terrible discrimination, and it is very wrong to say that, but I honestly say no,” Medvedev told the men’s magazine MAXIM.

Dmitry Chigirev

Photo: Photo from the athlete’s personal archive.

Dmitry Chigirev also successfully passed the test here. The guy has a great athletic figure and lush thick hair.

Well kept and creative.

Having good looks and a beautiful figure is not enough to impress a famous athlete. It is important to a wife that the man take care of himself. The girl does not accept her carelessness in relation to herself.

And as a person of art, Zhenya prefers, first of all, creative personalities. Her lover should try to impress her: for example, whisper kind words in her ear.

“I love creative people. I love people who give meaning to their actions, they live for something. I love people who can express emotions or love through touch. I love beautiful words, I can’t help it, I love with my ears. I love well-groomed men,” Medvedeva shared in the men’s magazine MAXIM.

Dima looks like a pretty well-groomed guy, and everything is in order with his creative potential. Still, all figure skaters are inextricably linked with art. Expressing love in the language of light touches is not a problem for him. This is confirmed by the romantic video that Medvedeva posted on social networks: in it, Dima touchingly hugs Zhenya and gently kisses her.

He has intelligence and a sense of humor.

“It doesn’t matter if you are older or younger. The main thing is the mind”, described the portrait of the fiancé Medvedev in the TV3 program Tasty with Laysan.

Perhaps, already at the recording of this program, she sent signals to Chigiryov, who sighed over her. She made it clear that the one year difference between them doesn’t matter. Dima is a little younger than Zhenya, but this is not felt at all. Especially after knowing her posts on social media. The guy loves wise quotes, demonstrating outstanding intellectual qualities.

“Freedom is better than lack of freedom,” reads one of Chigiryov’s posts on social media.

Dmitry Chigirev

Photo: Photo from the athlete’s personal archive.

The concept of intelligence is closely related to the presence of a sense of humor. Zhenya is unlikely to fall in love with a guy who does not know how to joke. But Dima doesn’t need to worry about that. Next to him, even in a minute-long video, she smiles and laughs endlessly.

“A sense of humor is very important. It’s real: if you want a girl to fall in love with you, make her laugh”, Yevgenia Medvedeva on TV3’s Tasty with Laysan.

skater and greenhouse

Zhenya loves figure skating so much, she literally breathes this business! It is hard to imagine that she will connect her life with a person whom she does not like to skate or who owns skates extremely ineptly.

Fortunately, Dima is a professional figure skater. You don’t need to teach him how to skate, in addition to explaining all the charm of going out on the ice. And she, too, performs in pair skating, which in recent years has firmly sunk into Zhenya’s soul. It is with great pleasure that she performs numbers with partners in ice shows and reveals previously unknown facets of natural talent.

Dmitry Chigirev

Photo: Photo from the athlete’s personal archive.

Who knows, maybe one day Zhenya and Dima will make a romantic production hand in hand, following the example of Alexandra Trusova and Mark Kondratyuk.

Or they will not follow it, but sometimes just write circles by hand on the city skating rinks. Although … Such pleasure is hardly available to them – fans will instantly violate the privacy of lovers.

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