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Friday, March 1, 2024
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10 Ways to Improve Focus and Increase Productivity

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 23:40:36

The issue of concentration is especially acute in recent decades, because it directly affects productivity and efficiency.

The fast pace of life, the vast information space, daily multitasking load the head to the maximum. There is literally no time left to take a break and study some homework.

Such overload affects neural processes. If the first month of intensive brain work can pass without a trace, then over time difficulties will be observed: decreased concentration, forgetfulness, absent-mindedness.

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Surely many are familiar with the state when it is impossible to find glasses left in a conspicuous place or charging from the phone. These little things can be considered the first bells.

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Also, if you continue to load your head without taking breaks to rest, the processes will worsen. Well, that’s not far from Alzheimer’s disease (brain disease).

Knowing certain techniques, you can help yourself. First you need to understand what the changes in the brain are connected with. Sometimes it’s not just an intense work schedule.

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The concentration of attention can decrease for various reasons: due to illness, lack of sleep, low motivation and even depression, as well as long-term anxiety associated with high levels of stress. Determining the exact cause will help develop an appropriate strategy to improve focus.

Reasons for Decreased Engagement and Focus on Goals


It manifests itself in a lethargic state, a constant desire to sleep and the inability to concentrate on elementary things. The cause of fatigue can be an incorrectly calculated number of tasks and an incorrectly planned time for their implementation.

Lack of physical activity

The problem is especially acute for office workers and freelancers who have to spend eight hours sitting in front of the monitor, ignoring any physical activity. As a rule, such work does not involve changes in movement. The body is in one position for a long time and it is not always correct.

improper nutrition

Violation of the diet – irregularity in eating, constant snacks with a high sugar content negatively affect mental processes. Fast carbs only provide a brief recharge and energy. Meanwhile, nutrients in a balanced form are necessary for the brain, as well as the intestines.

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An excess of incoming information

With the development of social media and various messengers, the flow of information has been pouring down on users like an avalanche. Every minute, the phone reports the receipt of messages, sometimes outside the framework of work activity. Foreign materials interfere with concentration and concentration.

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other distractions

These include strange sounds and visual stimuli. Try to work and listen to music at the same time, play a series in the background and work in noisy places.

Lack of interest in the task.

No amount of motivation will make you do a task well if it is unpleasant and repulsive. The brain will resist and constantly seek exciting experiences outside of the goal.

Changes in the brain caused by diseases.

These can be congenital pathologies, as well as those that have appeared in the wake of life for various reasons, including after injuries. In this case, it is worth contacting specialists. Only a doctor will be able to determine what caused the decrease in concentration and memory impairment and what method to apply for treatment.

How to improve concentration, memory and attention

So, having determined on your own or with the help of specialists those moments that prevent you from concentrating, you can proceed to the next step – solving the problem. There are many opportunities in this direction, and it is not necessary to resort to the help of medicines.

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Entrepreneur Andrew Barnes proposed a solution in his book The Four-Day Week. The post made a lot of noise and attracted public attention. In it, the author argues that reducing work time to four days a week will help people achieve the perfect balance between efficiency, productivity, and rest.

There will be no overtime, fatigue, concentration will increase, – the author believes.

The author’s ideas did not find a massive response. Employers are not yet ready to implement the writer’s theory and reduce work hours, but you should not despair. Even with a long work week, there are ways to stay efficient, productive, and on task.

Some methods may seem simple, but doing them regularly will help you recover and restore memory functions.

daily regimen

First of all, it is important to get enough sleep. Train yourself to go to bed and get up at the same time. It is necessary to allocate seven to eight hours for sleep. The brain needs adequate rest to be able to think clearly and remember more information.

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A great way to increase concentration and attention is proper nutrition. Eat a balanced diet and reduce your sugar intake.


During the session, not only the body relaxes, but it is also possible to turn off brain activity. Meditative practices improve concentration and mood, and also have a positive effect on the ability to memorize professional terms.


Activity has a positive effect not only on physical condition, but also helps to fill the brain with oxygen. Due to intense exercise, blood flow increases, which improves the connections between neurons. Sports like running and swimming are great for this.

mind exercise

The use of special programs, methods for training memory and concentration improves the quality of thinking. Regular practices, including small routine tasks, give positive results in a few weeks.

Disable notifications

It is important to avoid noisy places and spaces where there is a mobile signal and other electronic interference. Secluded places are what you need for concentration and attention.

favorable work environment

Create a comfortable place around you where you plan to work or study. Choose a comfortable chair, table. There must be enough lighting in the room. Try to make sure that extraneous noise does not penetrate and does not distract you from work.

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Time management

Using time planning techniques can greatly facilitate work and increase efficiency. You can resort to the “pomodoro” method of Francesco Cirilo. It is so called because its creator used a stopwatch in the shape of a tomato. The method helps to break a complex task into small tasks so that a difficult workflow does not seem painful.

Work should be broken into 25-minute intervals, followed by a five-minute break. After eight such approaches, take a long 30-minute break.

reward for work

Designate a way to be rewarded for a completed project. It can be watching your favorite movie, going to the store, to the cinema or a trip to important and interesting places.

Activity regularity

Like the body, the brain needs constant exercise. To improve the work of neurons, it is necessary to adhere to repetitive actions. For example, learning a foreign language will be much more effective if it is practiced daily.

Ways to increase concentration and attention in children.

Children, just like adults, need additional stimulating exercises that improve brain function. Practices in school studies are especially effective.

Pick a specific time to complete the lessons. Use a variety of interactive teaching methods. Think about variations in approaches to completing tasks. Create an interesting and welcoming environment. Engage in physical activities with your child before completing homework. Organize tasks, starting with the simplest Use rewards for successful completion of tasks.

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The main task of modern man is to maintain psycho-emotional balance. Don’t neglect your brain. This is necessary for the prevention of exhaustion, nervous exhaustion and improves cognitive abilities.

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