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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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14 Cool Trendy Sandals for Women and Men – From Affordable to Outrageously Expensive

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 11:48:03

Fashion expert, practicing stylist and founder of Russia’s first fashion channel Tat

With the arrival of summer, it’s time to update your shoe collection, and of course, sandals stand out. They not only provide comfort in hot weather, but also provide an opportunity to create an interesting image, because they can become the main focus. This is especially true today, when there are so many open-toe concept models. There are quite a few sandal options on trend lists, and almost all of them are very versatile.

I propose to analyze in detail the fashionable sandals – 2023, considering the trends of both women and men.

Sandals are warm weather shoes that have an open top and no heel. They may have a flat sole or a small heel. The decoration and accessories are diverse: buckles, laces, locks, etc. The choice of materials is also very wide: from genuine leather to artificial imitations and technological solutions.

Sandals have long been an integral part of the wardrobe, and this season they are presented in many fashionable variations. For women and men, the trends are generally similar. Perhaps the main difference is that the strong half of humanity is not very fond of bold experiments. There is a little less expression on his list. But this is an “on demand” option. You can always add colors, for example!

What are sandals?

Below is a detailed list. Everything that appears in it is relevant today in one way or another. It is only important to pay attention to modern incarnations and know the signs of the season. We will analyze them later.

Types of sandals:

smooth leather with a flat sole; espadrilles with woven elements; Roman shoes reminiscent of the shoes of the ancient Greeks and Romans (flat soles, thin leather straps); gladiators with laces on the leg (they can look brutal or elegant); flip flops with a sweater between the thumb and forefinger; heeled sandals; platform sandals; comfortable clogs; elegant mules; sports sandals with velcro (with cushioning when walking, special technologies); models with large Birkenstock-style buckles (“birkenstocks”).

Gladiators + flip-flops from Ekonika, 11,990 rubles.

Photo: Ekonika

All these models can be found on store shelves. Any option is acceptable. Of course, the season always has its originality. These may be micro-trends associated with the popularity of certain materials and colors. For example, now a sharp trend is rubber sandals. And now they are used not only for the beach, yachts and vacations at sea. Such models easily fit into urban outfits.

As for coloring, here you can highlight bright models that can be seen from afar. Trend colors: pink, fuchsia, light green, orange. Also, white sandals do not lose their relevance. By the way, they look great on tanned legs.

Massive sole + swollen straps + fuchsia from MGX, 2249 rubles. / berries

Photo: Wild Blackberries

It is also important that today a pair often includes signs of several styles at once. For example, high laced gladiators can be flip flops at the same time. Fashion color, decoration can also be added here. For example, sandals with a solid sole will become even more relevant if we choose a model in fuchsia and we are not afraid to go for “chubby” straps.

Givana woven sandals, 4899 rubles. / Fashion

Photo: Lamoda

Summer sandals for women. What’s hot?

This summer, fashionable women’s sandals are distinguished by bright colors and unusual textures. in trend and braided patterns of natural materials such as raffia and cord. Now in such sandals you can not only go to the beach, but they are also actively used to create stylish urban looks. By the way, toquilla straw hats and bags also expanded their fashion habitat.

Inflated sandals from Gianvito Rossi, 76,550 rubles. /TSUM

Photo: TSUM

Of the accent models, it is worth highlighting sandals with decorative elements: lace inserts, voluminous flowers. Also trend effects swelling or frank abrasions.

What else is important today? Layer design. He deserves attention. The trend is pronounced square or round layer. Such models can also have a flat sole and a heel.

In the style of Birkenstock from FOOTWELL, 4946 rubles. / berries

Photo: Wild Blackberries

Stylish buckled sandals are perfect for active people. birkenstock style. They will look great with any pants, denim skirts, cotton dresses. If you are not afraid, you can create a false and unusual look with shorts and white socks. It’s also great that these sandals can be found quite cheaply. For example, German brands.

Laconic men’s sandals from Tendance, 8090 rubles / Lamoda.

Photo: Lamoda

Summer sandals for men. What’s hot?

On the men’s trend lists, the classic sandals of thick and soft skin. Here we mean concise, emphatically elegant models.

Chunky sandals are also popular. on a tractor sole, with an abundance of sports or military accessories. This is the opposite of the first trend. The shoes claim to be the accent in the image.

Men’s sandals “Tractor” from Valentino, 87 550 rubles. /TSUM

Photo: TSUM

Now let’s talk about models for the brave. Is about clogs – options without a heel, resembling galoshes. The trend came to us from Scandinavia. Now these options are more relevant than ever. And you can wear clogs even with a business suit. This is the version for the most daring.

Men’s rubber clogs from ALBERY, 1024 rubles. / berries

Photo: Wild Blackberries

sports sandals

Whether you lead an active lifestyle or just value comfort, athletic sandals are the perfect choice. Models with adjustable Velcro and cushioning will provide comfort during long walks or active hikes.

Northland Wandern women’s sandals, 3999 rub. /Sportmaster

Photo: Sportmaster

The good news is that even the coolest specialized trekking sandals can be worn around town. Both men and women can fit them into everyday looks. Preppy, boho or casual styles allow it. Modern fashion allows not only such experiments. She greets them.

Men’s sandals adidas CYPREX ULTRA SANDAL DLX, 8500 rubles. / Fashion

Photo: Lamoda

Leather sandals

The immortal classics of the genre are leather sandals. They have always been a symbol of elegance and style. The trend models will have: original leather textures, prints, perforations or reliefs. Leather sandals with wide straps and/or massive buckles will add brutality to men, and women will be allowed to play in contrast.

If sandals are not for you, take:

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closed sandals

If you prefer not to open your feet, in the spring/summer 2023 season you can do it without losing fashion. There are also closed models on the trend list. These sandals combine comfort and style while providing protection and ventilation. These can be options with a closed toe or mesh inserts that will allow your feet to breathe in hot weather.

Closed women’s sandals from Mascotte, 8990 rubles.

Photo: Mascotte

What to wear with sandals?

When it comes to style, sandals can be the perfect complement to the most unexpected outfits. Women can combine fashionable braided patterns with sundresses, light dresses or stylish jumpsuits. Mules are the perfect complement to an elegant silk suit. If you add a hat here, the image will be one hundred percent. Absolutely any sandals will look great with denim: jeans, shorts, skirt.

Giotto mules, 5990 rubles. / Fashion

Photo: Lamoda

Men for urban outfits can choose both expressive “tractors” or rubber sandals, and conservative models. Both will go well with shorts, jeans, and cargo pants. For more formal occasions, take the classic leather sandals and combine them with summer suits or linen pants.

Sandals for men Mascotte, 7490 rubles.

Photo: Mascotte

one thing to remember important rule. If you choose accent shoes, it is better not to let too bright clothes and accessories into the image. Of course, such mixes are possible, but only experienced fashion gurus can properly assemble them. Those who are not among them risk resembling a Christmas tree. To prevent this from happening, combine unusual sandals with neutral things. If the shoes are concise, the clothes can be more interesting, accentuated.

Ekonika Pink Leather Sandals, $13,990

Photo: Ekonika

Follow these tips and remember that comfort and style can go hand in hand, and sandals are a great way to finish off your outfit and make it more conceptual. It is only important to choose the right model. It will definitely be possible to do this. The list of “Fashion Sandals – 2023” includes so many options that everyone can find their perfect pair.

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