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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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“24 Hours of Le Mans”: Shvartsman “burned out”, fighting for victory, but a Russian is on the podium

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 14:34:03

The world’s leading daily race, the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans, has ended in France. This year, 23 hypercars from nine different brands took the start in the top category, and the race itself, which took place in constantly changing weather conditions, did not allow one to relax for a minute.

It is a pity that Robert Shvartsman and Daniil Kvyat never had the opportunity to compete for victory in the overall category, but Vladislav Lomko’s team was able to get into the top three in the LMP2 standings. These and other results of a truly crazy marathon can be found in the “Championship” review.

Schwartzman still had a chance

Already in the first laps of the race, the official Ferrari teams, numbers 50 and 51, took the lead. However, even before dark it began to rain on the road and many took detours to put on rain tires. Many, but not all! Robert Schwartzman’s team stayed on the slick tires and made the right decision: the rain stopped quickly and the #83 Ferrari, formally representing the AF Corse team, took the lead.

Schwartzman and his teammates Robert Kubica and Ye Yefei showed a really high pace, were not inferior to their teammates and were really able to fight for the victory. Unfortunately, during the night segment, Kubica’s careless movement caught a BMW hypercar, which was immediately thrown against the wall. The crew was fined for the collision and even managed to recover, but at dawn they retired from the race when the car’s brakes caught fire during a pit stop.

Shvartsman’s crew was one of the fastest in the first phase of the race

Photo: Ker Robertson/Getty Images

Meanwhile, the Ferrari and Toyota teams took the lead in the race, taking the top four positions. At 1 hour and 40 minutes, one of the Japanese cars dropped out of the race for the win: Alessandro Pier Guidi spun Brendon Hartley, causing the No. 8 Toyota to lose too much time and fall back. Subsequently, Pier Guidi’s team was penalized, but only five seconds. But the #7 Toyota, driven by José María López, managed to overtake the unwavering Ferrari, take second place and chase the leader Nicklas Nielsen.

At that same moment it turned out that the right door of Nielsen’s Ferrari had opened and the driver was unable to close it while driving. As a result, by order of the race management, the Dane had to go to the pits so that the mechanics could close the door; all he had to do was close it tighter. As a result, López was ahead by a comfortable 20 seconds; apparently even a small spin when overtaking on roundabouts couldn’t ruin Toyota’s race. However, Ferrari is back!

Ferrari Team #50

Photo: Ker Robertson/Getty Images

Nielsen was the first of the contenders to enter the pits 50 minutes before the finish line. To finish the race without additional stops, the Dane had to conserve fuel and tires, but even this pace was enough to take the lead when López made the final pit stop 10 minutes later. The Argentine also limited himself to refueling, but he could do nothing with Ferrari: 18 minutes before the finish line, the driver received the order to concentrate on second position and not risk the podium. As a result, together with Nielsen, Antonio Fuoco and Miguel Molina they climbed to the top of the podium, Toyota was only in second place and the top three was completed by another Ferrari team, number 51.

Best of the rest was Porsche, whose team took fourth place, ahead of the No. 8 Toyota, which dropped back after a collision with Ferrari. In seventh position behind the second Porsche team was Cadillac, while the trio of Daniil Kvyat, Mirko Bortolotti and Edoardo Mortara took tenth place; the speed to fight with the Lamborghini leaders is clearly not yet enough. It should also be noted that none of the Peugeot teams could enter the top ten, while the Isotta Fraschini car finished the marathon in 14th position. But Alpin did not reach the finish line: the engines of both cars of the French team failed even before the halfway mark.

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Russian on the podium

In the LMP2 classification, the United Autosports team of Oliver Jarvis, Bijoy Garg and Nolan Siegel took victory, while Vladislav Lomko, Clement Nowalak and Jakub Smichowski of the Inter Europol Competition team came in second.

Throughout the race, Lomko’s team was among the leaders and even led the LMP2 peloton for some time. Thus, one of the most striking episodes of the race was the battle between Lomko and Malte Jacobsen for a place in the top three. Novalak finished the race: he was one of the first to make the final pit stop and was able to maintain second position, despite a five-second penalty for gaining an off-track lead. There were only 17 seconds left for victory.

Vladislav Lomko’s crew

Photo: twitter.com/IE_Competition

The Porsche 911 GT3 R LMGT3 of the Manthey EMA team driven by Yasser Chahine, Morris Schuring and Richard Lietz was unrivaled in the LMGT3 classification. They were 42 seconds ahead of their closest rivals: Augusta Farfus, Sean Gelael and Darren Leung in the BMW M4 LMGT3. The first three were completed by Dennis Olsen, Giorgio Roda and Mikkel Pedersen with the Ford Mustang LMGT3.

Timur Boguslavsky’s crew in the Lexus RC F LMGT3 of the Akkodis ASP team took seventh place in their category. Additionally, Belarusian Alexander Malykhin, together with Joel Sturm and Klaus Bachler in the Manthey PureRxcing Porsche 911 GT3, took 14th place among the LMGT3 teams.

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Le Mans lived up to expectations

The last race was one of the most intense and unpredictable of the last decade. Even though just a few years ago you could predict the winner an hour before the start, Toyota simply had no rivals.

This year, four hours before the end of the race, the name of the winner was not at all obvious and four teams still had a chance to take first place. In the end, the battle came down to a duel between Ferrari and Toyota, but Cadillac and Porsche were also able to demonstrate high pace at times, and when Lamborghini and Peugeot caught up, the battle would be absolutely incredible.

Fighting at the 2024 24 Hours of Le Mans

Photo: Ker Robertson/Getty Images

Furthermore, there is still an unpredictable fight in the LMP2 classification. This weekend, the FIA ​​announced that the transition to the new regulations in this category will be delayed until 2028, so the next race will not be the farewell to LMP2. Finally, the GT class also looks great, where, in addition to Porsche, BMW and Mustang, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Lexus, Corvettes and McLarens compete.

Overall, the future prospects for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the World Endurance Championship look promising. The 2024 marathon was a success and will be remembered for a long time, and next season the race should be at least as good!

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