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26 clubs have already qualified for the group stage of the Champions League. How is the composition of the baskets now?

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 06:47:50

26 clubs have already qualified for the group stage of the Champions League. How is the composition of the baskets now?

Kirill Zakatchenko June 13, 2023, 16:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

The draw for the tournament’s main draw will take place on August 31.

A couple of days ago, Manchester City beat Inter in Istanbul and became the Champions League winner. And already at the end of June the qualification of the new draw will begin. 26 clubs have already secured their places in the group stage, with six more making it through the qualifying rounds. It is already partially known which teams will be in which pots during the tournament’s main draw draw (31 August).

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first basket

All the clubs that ended up in the first hype are already known. According to the regulations, the winner of the Champions League, the winner of the Europa League and the champions of the top six associations in the UEFA coefficient table at the end of the 2021/2022 season should be there.

Manchester City Sevilla Barcelona Napoli Bayern Munich PSG Benfica Feyenoord

Why was Feyenoord in the first boat? It so happened that Manchester City became not only the champion of England, but also the winner of the Champions League. Therefore, the place in the first pot is occupied by the champion of the country, which is in seventh place in the UEFA coefficient table. In this case, it is the Netherlands. If Inter took the Champions League, then he would be the one to get a place in the first basket, and Feyenoord would definitely not be there.

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second basket

In the second drum, two clubs each represent Spain, England and Germany. They got there based on the club’s qualification.

Real Madrid Manchester United Inter Borussia Dortmund Atlético Madrid RB Leipzig Porto Arsenal

Interestingly, compared to last season, there were only two clubs left in the second pot: Atlético and RB Leipzig. A year ago, Real and Porto were in the first drum, Inter and Borussia in the third, and Manchester United and Arsenal were not participating in the Champions League at all.

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third basket

Five of the eight clubs that ended up on the third bass drum are already known. They are there according to the club coefficient. We will find out the remaining three teams at the end of the qualifying rounds.

Shakhtar Salzburg AC Milan Lazio Red Star

In turn, four clubs can already be named, which will be in the third pot if they manage to get into the main draw of the tournament. These are Dynamo Zagreb, Braga, Rangers and PSV. But the Portuguese, Dutch and Scottish clubs ended up on the League Path, with only two teams from there advancing to the group stage. Real Sociedad still has options for the third basket, but it all depends on the classification. Most likely, the Spanish club will continue in the fourth drum.

Real Sociedad still has options to get into the third drum

Photo: Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

fourth basket

There will definitely be two clubs from the top 5 championships. “Lance” has not played in the Champions League for more than 20 years, “Union” – never.

“Union” “Spear”

Real Sociedad can finish in the fourth pot, it all depends on the result of the classification. With a high degree of probability, Celtic and Newcastle will arrive here; they will definitely play in the group stage.

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