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Monday, March 27, 2023
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4.5 million is a nice addition to the pension! Are bookmakers offering Pavlyuchenko a lot of money for one match?

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 07:15:14

Russian striker Roman Pavlyuchenko will receive 4.5 million rubles from bookmakers for participating in the Russian Cup match between Ufa and Grozny Akhmat. This is reported by the telegram channel “Rumit”.

Is it possible to trust this information from a certain Telegram channel? Very good, for the bookies not so much money.

Now 41-year-old Roman Pavlyuchenko is training in Turkey and is ready to sign a contract with Ufa, Shamil Gazizov, general director of Ufa, spoke about this. He loves public relations, he knows how to use them and, in general, promoting the club when things are not going well, even in the first division, is normal.

It is not yet clear how much Ufa is ready to pay Pavlyuchenko, this information has not appeared anywhere.

Interestingly, Gazizov does not say that Pavlyuchenko will help Ufa until the end of the season. Until now, all the talk is about a single game, that of Akhmat. And 4.5 million for this show in one match is very decent money in our difficult time.

The goal of this entire operation is for Pavlyuchenko to want to score the 200th goal of his career while playing for clubs. And at the same time help “Ufa” to go further in the Russian Cup. The goal is good. What if it doesn’t mark, what if it doesn’t help?

It turns out, money down the drain? And what is the purpose of helping him get to the next round?

But it is not the club that pays, but the bookmakers, so no one will have any claim against Gazizov. And the match itself will cause more interest, no doubt about it. Match TV will almost certainly show it on the main channel and not on pay. After such a PR preparation, all viewers will closely follow every move of Roman: in fact, well, it’s interesting: will he score or not?

And if it does not mark, nothing happens. For Roman himself, this is a win-win match. He lit up, reminded everyone about himself and earned good money.

Remember, there was such a financial pyramid MMM, its creator Sergey Mavrodi defrauded millions of naive citizens in Russia in the early 90s. And what glorious videos were on TV!

The popular heroine Lena Golubkov entered every house with the phrase: “A good pension increase”, while showing a wad of bills received from MMM in exchange for buying shares, or whatever they were called, in this financial pyramid. For example, for these shares, MMM paid fantastic interest and they were able to live happily ever after and not worry about a thing. Another phrase of Leni went to the masses “I will buy boots for my wife.” This is from another video, Lenya again showed a wad of money. And it was clear to all viewers: she is not only enough for good boots. And the queue at the MMM office, where people voluntarily brought money, did not dry up for months.

Roma Pavlyuchenko is also already retired from football. Therefore, a “good increase in pensions” of 4.5 million will not hurt.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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