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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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5 sports tricks from the restaurant industry that help staff stay in shape

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 20:30:24

service trainer and author of a project to increase profits in restaurants through Restorado’s service tools

“The restaurant business is like a sport of the highest achievements. There is no place for tiredness and bad mood. The waiter’s shift can last up to 18 hours. During this time, he circles up to 20 thousand steps with a tray in his hands, while there is always a smile on his face, and his eyes radiate a sincere desire to help and please the guest. How they did it? Very simple! The main thing is to know five sports tricks that can be adapted to any field. Take notes!

start your morning off right

If during the day you have to serve more than 100 diners, you must take care of your physical and mental state from the morning. To get a charge of vivacity and to put the muscular and nervous system into operation, the Surya Namaskar yoga complex – “Salutation to the Sun” perfectly helps.

Tried: This sequence of simple exercises activates almost all muscle groups, stretches the spine, fills the blood with oxygen, restores immunity, relieves headaches and muscle tension, helps to cope with depression and pumps up your resistance to stress. The latter is of the utmost importance in the field of hospitality.

Surya Namaskar consists of 12 asanas. The complex must be done slowly and smoothly. No sudden movements! Try to perform each asana as efficiently and consciously as possible. The entire practice is built around the slopes of the spine. It is because of them that a healing effect is achieved.

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Follow the link to find a detailed guide on the technique of performing “Sun Salutations”:

Easy morning: an exercise that will help you wake up quickly

pump your back and legs

The most important thing is strong legs and strong arms. Otherwise, carrying trays with dishes of 3-4 kg each for the whole day will not work. That is why, in workouts at home or in the gym, emphasis should be placed on exercises to strengthen the back and legs.

The tracks work very well. They can be performed both with weight (dumbbells or ordinary plastic water bottles are suitable), and without it. Adjust the number of approaches according to your physical form.

There are special yoga asanas that pump up the back muscles well and build stamina. For example, “upward facing dog” or cobra pose.

You can strengthen your legs with squats and lunges.

It is important to create a training regimen so that the muscles have time to rest long before the start of the work shift. Otherwise, you can get the opposite effect and earn overwork.

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Develop neural connections

Now without her anywhere. The ability to perfectly feel your body and consciously manage it will come in handy in restaurant business (how else can you drive everywhere and skillfully handle dishes and utensils?), And in any other business. It is not for nothing that psychologists recommend pumping neural connections for both adults and children. The stronger the connection between the nervous and muscular systems, the more harmonious the body looks, the muscles work more smoothly, and the easier it is to withstand long-term loads.

The simplest training for the formation of new neural connections is jumping rope.

For those who have been in sports for a long time, intensive crossfit training is also suitable. During them endurance, flexibility, agility, speed, strength, coordination, performance of the cardiovascular system are developed.

The link said how to make the brain work better:

How to create new neural connections? These 6 ways to make your brain work better

Play as a team

The restaurant business is like football. If you do not know how to play in a team, pass the ball on time, pass, not throw the blanket on yourself, then you cannot even dream of a good result. The same principle applies to any other business. Therefore, it is important to develop communication skills, resistance to stress and adequate perception of criticism.

Some restaurants are now even introducing a motivation card system. Almost like soccer. The red card is a monetary penalty for the most serious offence, the yellow card is a warning, and the green card is encouragement.

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know how to relax

Intensive work, high stress levels, constant contact with employees and guests without quality rest can lead to exhaustion and depression. Therefore, it is important to be able to properly relax after a busy day at work.

This is where yoga comes in handy. There are several asanas that will relieve muscle tension and balance the emotional state. The simplest exercises are Downward Facing Dog and Stretched Pose. It is important to “breathe” well in each asana to feel your body.

Water procedures also help to relax: swimming in the pool, visiting the sauna or taking a bath with magnesium salt at home. Such baths improve blood circulation, reduce pain in muscles and joints, reduce swelling, normalize hormonal and emotional background.

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And, of course, the most important thing – regular and timely sleep. To ensure this, try to adhere to the regimen, choose the right pillow, a good mattress and arrange a comfortable bed.

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