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7 trendy sunglasses and how to find your perfect shape

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 22:24:12

Today, sunglasses are not just a necessary attribute that performs the function of protecting the eyes from bright rays. With their help, you can complement, complete the outfit. They can even become the main detail of the image. At the same time, choosing a model of sunglasses that is ideally suited to the style and shape of the face is often not so easy. What should be taken into account when buying the main accessory for summer?

Important selection criteria

1. Comfort

The first thing to focus on when choosing a suitable frame is convenience. Style, of course, is important, but if the glasses constantly fall off, and the temples put pressure on the bridge of the nose, then the accessory will cause a lot of inconvenience. In this case, you should abandon this option in favor of other models. Trust your feelings when buying.

2. Protective properties

Despite the fact that sunglasses have become the prerogative of fashionistas, and celebrities often wear them to hide their faces from fans, this accessory is still designed to protect the eyes from bright rays. Ideally, the frames should fit snugly around your face. Therefore, lightning will not fall either from the side or from above.

It is also worth paying attention to the levels of UV protection standards. There are many of them. For example, the European scale assumes a scale of four degrees of protection, where zero is the total absence and the number 7 is the maximum.

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3. Quality and color of lenses

When buying sunglasses, the lenses are often forgotten. Meanwhile, they are the base. In lenses that do not have the proper coating, the effect of sunglasses will be minimal: they will let UV rays through and will not protect you from the sun. In addition, the view will be disturbed in them and the image will be distorted.

Therefore, when choosing lenses, pay attention to the price – high-quality glasses cannot be cheap. Both glass and plastic.

It is also necessary to take into account variety of lens colors. Different shades have different effects.

Grey. Lenses of this color have the highest level of light absorption, they reduce the glare of rays. Suitable for car driving and outdoor sports in sunny weather.

Brown. This option improves the contrast of the image by blocking the blue part of the spectrum. Distorts colors a bit. Brown lenses are often used for various activities: cycling, water sports, golf, fishing.

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Yellow. Ideal solution for low light conditions. But just like brown, it muffles colors. Lenses of a similar color scheme may be used for summer outdoor sports. In winter, they are often chosen by snowboarders and skiers.

Green. Lenses with this tint prevent glare while maintaining color and contrast. They are used for golf and baseball.

Red. In bright sunlight, the image contrast is excellent. But it does cause color distortion. Like brown lenses, they are worn when riding a bike, when doing water sports.

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How to find your form?

style and color stylist

Have you ever wondered why some things suit a person and others don’t? They probably didn’t dig deep enough. They just found something suitable, and then they could not choose something equally successful. In fact, repeating the approach is not difficult.

The mechanism for creating a harmonious image is based on similarity principle. The trick is to surround the appearance with those inherent lines, shapes and colors.

Of course, all this is not so simple. The theme of linearity is most fully revealed in the developments on types by David Kibby and Dvin Larson. Colors are determined by color type. The most popular system is the 16-color system. To find out exactly your settings, you need to contact a stylist who works on these systems.

sharp line

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However, there are some things you can find on your own. The choice of glasses is a great workout, because they are very close to facial features and therefore greatly affect your perception.

So, in summary, there are two types of lines in a person’s appearance: sharp (charcoal) and soft (rounded). Most often there are their mixtures. If the line prevails, it is more noticeable.

The sharpness will be read in the shape of the nose, the corners of the eyes, the lips (clear tick), the chin, the break of the eyebrows. Softness can also be here. The line rarely appears absolutely unambiguous. But, when it stands out, it will look harmonious. pointed frames.

smooth line

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If smooth lines prevail in appearance, these will be: smooth lips (plump, without a clear marking), nose, chin line; eyebrows and rounded eyes. Here, accordingly, the frames fit together more harmoniously. like aviators. Of course, there will be nuances, but in general the lines should strive for fluency.

Most of the time the lines are mixed. If this is the case in your case -there is no obvious predominance-, it is better to take combined forms. For example, “cat’s eye”, where there are roundness and angles.

What is trending this summer?

This year, the designers have provided a huge selection of frames. Stylyagam will have a place to roam. Although conservatives, especially men, can still opt for Ray-Ban aviators.

female personal stylist, image consultant

This season, sunglasses will definitely not go unnoticed. Optical trends inextricably follow the main fashion trends in clothing. Most of the models presented refer us to childhood and adolescence. Get ready to spend a fun summer.

1. Bright Frame

Quirky glasses rule the runways and are the perfect way to add a touch of pop to any outfit. In this case, the shape can be any: from the classic – a smooth rectangle or “cat’s eye” – to the emphasized fantasy.

If you’re not ready for glamour, a modern alternative is white sunglasses. As versatile as black, this color really makes frames stand out. Almost like it was a neon shade. At the same time, white is combined with any summer clothes.

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2 Barbie style

Pink is not the first season to conquer the catwalks. As the world gears up for the release of the long-awaited Barbie movie and the rise of color, fashion houses like Valentino are getting ahead of the curve. They actively use hot pink in everything, including the eyeglass frames.

The shapes of the accessories are varied: from simple rectangular to fun hearts and butterflies. The designers want fans to be able to imagine themselves as the world’s most beloved doll.

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3. Colored lenses

This season we have a real opportunity to literally see the world through rose-colored glasses. The frames and glasses will also be colored this summer. Not only pink, but also orange, yellow, red, blue or green. Colored lenses can be a bold accent or complement your current monochromatic look if they match your clothing.

4. 70s style

Fashion is cyclical and always comes back. This season, the glasses of the 70s will become fashionable, with huge and massive frames. They can be classic aviators or a smooth rectangular shape. Large round glasses deserve special attention this season.

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Opt for oversized frames in warm, earthy tones. If you are looking for a lighter option, look for silver or gold metallics. The classic tortoiseshell-colored glasses are becoming especially fashionable.

5. Sporty style

Now that sportswear has become a wardrobe staple, it’s no surprise that this style is being reflected in eyewear trends. Racer style sunglasses with mirrored lenses are experiencing a renaissance. All thanks to the 2000s style trend.

In addition to being up to date, these glasses are one of the best eye protection options as the peripheral lenses block light and harmful side rays. If you want to look especially fashionable, opt for sports glasses with monolenses, similar to those worn by skiers.

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6. Rectangular frames

Another millennium throwback is rectangular sunglasses, which have been popular for several seasons. The frame will organically fit into both retro and modern styles. All you have to do is choose the right color and material.

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7. Angled Cat Eye

The cat eye is a classic in the world of sunglasses, often referring to vintage styles. This year it received a new angular design. With reversed sides and oversized dimensions, these glasses are equal parts retro and futuristic. Choose models in classic colors like black and tortoiseshell to accentuate this unusual shape.

Whether you opt for modern glasses or the basic model, your comfort is the most important thing. The glasses must fit the style and be an extension of the personality.

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