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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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9 things with which you can put together 20 stylish masculine looks: the perfect capsule for spring

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 03:35:41

It’s cool in the morning. It’s hot during the day. At night… You never know exactly what awaits you. It’s about the weather in spring. She is unpredictable. What things should you have in your closet to avoid suffering their whims? In fact, it’s not that complicated. You just need to assemble the capsule, taking into account these nuances.

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“What is a capsule? If you have this question, let’s start with a clarification. The capsule is one of the techniques to select clothes quickly. That’s when absolutely all things combine with each other.”

What is the capsule for? In order not to waste time choosing an image, just take any item of clothing from your wardrobe and you know that it will definitely “make friends” with the rest of your things.

When compiling a capsule, the rule always applies: there should be more above than below. And the second point is that it is important that things are harmonized in color.

For example, consider a daily capsule with the basics. What do we need?

1. Two pants: jeans and pants.

2. Five different tapas:

basic t-shirt. Without print or with something discreet. Neutral color: white, beige, gray, black; plaid shirt; It can be in bright colors; denim jacket;

3. Two pairs of shoes: sneakers (sneakers) and moccasins (loafers).

We accept footwear in two formats: sports and casual. In the first case, it could be sneakers or sports shoes. In the second, a more classic couple, but at the same time “relaxed”. For example, moccasins or loafers. If the first pair of shoes is light (white sneakers), choose the second pair of dark shoes (blue loafers).

Zarina t-shirt / Befree shirt, hoodie and vest / Sela denim / O’STIN pants / Mango jeans / TENDANCE sneakers / Salamander loafers

Photo: Zarina, Befree, Mango, Sela, O’STIN, TENDANCE, Salamander

How will we assemble the kits? See a list of possible fashion combinations.

1. Grab a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. You’re ready to go for a walk on a warm day.

2. Add a plaid shirt to this outfit. Now you won’t freeze if the wind blows.

3. Here we also place the vest. And now you’ve insulated yourself in case it suddenly gets colder.

It is important to note that you have achieved a stylish layered look. And by the way, it’s not boring at all. All thanks to the checkered shirt, which makes the look more interesting. But it can be removed. Then we get another fashionable combination.

4. Leave the T-shirt, jeans and vest. This option is precisely for that climate when it is difficult to say whether it is hot outside or not.

5. Now take off your vest and put on a hoodie over your t-shirt. It is better that the bottom is visible from below the top. The result is a combination: T-shirt, jeans, hoodie.

A selection of pairs of fashionable shoes to help you:

6 of the most fashionable urban sneaker and sneaker models for spring 2024

6. If it suddenly gets hotter, take off your hoodie and throw it over your shoulders.

7. If it’s colder, add a vest to your hoodie.

8. Change the vest for a denim jacket. Sneakers, like loafers. We got a casual combination: hoodie, jeans, jacket and more classic shoes.

9. We can also combine a checked shirt, jeans and a jacket. Both classic and sports shoes are accepted.

10. And lastly, just take a t-shirt, jeans and a jacket. Any shoe.

So, we have 10 stylish styles with options for different weather conditions. If we replace jeans with pants, we get 10 more interesting looks. Total: 20 looks of seven items of clothing and two pairs of shoes.

These formulas help keep your wardrobe in order and use it to its full potential. Problems when choosing an image disappear by themselves.

What is important for athletes and active people:

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