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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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A disaster looms in Russian chess

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 13:40:58

In the two years since the start of the special military operation in Ukraine in spring 2022, relations between Russian and world sport seemed to have stabilized. In most sports we have been suspended and we are not going to return. Some allow you to perform, and even seem to allow you to attend the Paris Olympics. In some events, the bureaucratic battle continues: you can either act or you can’t.

Chess was in a safe haven of permitted types. Yes, the Russian president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE), Arkady Dvorkovich, made a difficult compromise and deprived our athletes of the flag and the right to compete in team tournaments, but at the same time left them the opportunity to play . The Russians competed in major tournaments under the auspices of FIDE. The clearest example is Ian Nepomniachtchi’s fight for first place in the Candidates Tournament.

Why didn’t the Russian qualify for the championship match?

The work of Sisyphus. Why Ian Nepomniachtchi couldn’t win the Chess Candidates Tournament again

And even more unexpected was the news that FIDE had deprived the Russian Chess Federation of its membership in the international federation for two years.

Dvorkovich himself seemed to have nothing to do with this and could not influence the decision. According to the owner, the decision was made by the ethics commission. The reason is an appeal from the Ukrainian Chess Federation, dissatisfied with the work of the Chess Federation with the federations of the regions recently included in Russia. Furthermore, the FIDE head received something of a reprimand from the same commission.

It should be noted immediately that the decision has not yet entered into force. The FSR will question it. Everything will probably finally be clear in September, after the FIDE General Assembly. But there is no need to get your hopes up.

Arkady Dvorkovich

Photo: RIA Novosti

Russian chess faces disaster. And if it can be avoided, it will be a real miracle. Meanwhile, everything is going according to the scenario that many other sports experienced two years ago. The temporary suspension, attempts to challenge it, words from us that sport must unite…

All this has already happened. And almost nowhere did it end well.

But what could it mean to deprive the FCR of its FIDE membership?

The main thing is the inability of Russian chess players to compete in tournaments held under the auspices of the international federation. And this is the entire pyramid of the cycle of championships, children’s and youth tournaments. And the recent transition of our chess from Europe to Asia will no longer matter. The Russians will not even be invited to the African Championship: it is simply impossible!

Why did Russia move to Asia in chess?


Russia has moved to Asia in chess. The national coach explains what this means in practice

We have already witnessed the departure of dozens of strong chess players who changed their citizenship to stay in Europe. If it is impossible to play either in Asia or anywhere else except in Russian or commercial tournaments, then most likely a new wave will come. There are dozens more who didn’t leave a year ago. And most likely, these are mainly young athletes.

Yes, someone will stay. Yes, there are online trading tournaments. Yes, and strong competitions are held in Russia. But in such conditions it will be difficult not only to progress, but also to maintain a high level. It is no secret that the Russians are no longer setting the pace in world chess. And with such restrictions, we risk falling completely behind the current leaders.

I would like to believe that Arkady Dvorkovich will be able to preserve the unstable political structure he has built and somehow convince his FIDE colleagues not to make the decision to eliminate the Russian federation. But practice shows one thing: you have to prepare for the worst.

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