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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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A fragile girl knocked out a man on the street. The stalker was outraged by the champion’s tattoos

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 15:42:45

A fragile girl knocked out a man on the street. The stalker was outraged by the champion’s tattoos

Sergey Sorokin June 19, 2023, 10:30 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Alana Karaeva had a punch for a deaf knockout.

Alana Karaeva is an amazing girl. The fragile beauty is a two-time champion of Russia in mixed martial arts. Appearances can really be very deceiving. Last week, one of the Vladikavkaz hooligans was convinced of this. Unfortunately, no one is immune from unpleasant acquaintances on the street. But Alana quickly put the villain in her place.

Karaeva was walking through her native Vladikavkaz when a stranger approached her. From the first look at him, she Alana could tell that the man was intoxicated. The girl did not want to enter into a conflict, but the bully could no longer be stopped. He was outraged by Karaeva’s tattoos and began to get closer.

“When he started to get closer, I told him, ‘If you come now, I’ll call the police.’ I did not have time to finish the word “police”, as she hit me, ”Alana quoted“ Sapa 15 ”.

The stalwart fighter did a heroic feat:

“For the sake of someone else’s life, I was willing to lose a finger.” Hardcore hero saved a man

And then events developed rapidly. The girl immediately responded to the bully, and she did it forcefully: “I was afraid. I had a defensive reaction and hit him back. Hit him in the jaw. He fell on my leg unconscious. My knee creaked, I felt a sharp pain, but I found the strength to run away and call the guys nearby for help.

Alana pushed past the pain and backed away from the attacker. She did not immediately come to, but upon awakening, she left the scene. According to Karayeva, the man later confessed that if the girl had not fought back, she would have continued to hit: “She said she did not expect to be hit back. He says that she attacked the wrong one. That is, if she was a helpless girl, she would continue her actions.

Karayeva filed a lawsuit against the attacker. But the girl’s brother found the guy faster, forcing the villain to apologize. Alana listened to the offender and considered the well-aimed blow to the jaw and a deaf knockout punishment enough. Therefore, the champion withdrew her statement to the police.

The thug escaped serious punishment thanks to Karaeva’s kindness. But it is unlikely that he would want to bully someone on the street again. The champion with an accurate blow to the jaw forever repelled the scoundrel’s desire to annoy the girls.

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