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A gastroenterologist told whether it is possible to get drunk on kvass.

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 04:32:57

Kvass contains a small amount of alcohol, but can you get drunk from it and is it safe to drive after drinking it? Let’s talk to an expert.

What we will tell you about:

How is kvass made? How much alcohol does kvass contain?

How is kvass made?

Kvas is a traditional Slavic drink with deep historical roots. Its main ingredients are:

Water. This is the basis of any drink, it must be clean and fresh bread; Traditionally, rye bread is used, which gives kvass its characteristic color and taste; It is added to promote fermentation and sweetness of the drink; Both brewer’s and bread yeast can be used. These are additional ingredients necessary for the fermentation process. These include honey, fruits and berries, which are added to improve the taste of the drink.

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Making kvass is quite simple. All the ingredients in the required proportions are placed in a container (at home it can be a glass jar) and stored in a cool, dark place for several days. Then the drink is filtered and sugar is added if necessary.

With the remaining yeast from the bread you can prepare another kvass.

How much alcohol does kvass contain?

Candidate of Medical Sciences, gastroenterologist of the network of specialized oncological clinics “Evroonko”

“Kvass is a traditional Russian drink that is made naturally. At the same time, it is much healthier than artificially sweetened soft drinks.”

When making kvass, bread is fermented, so many people are concerned about the alcohol content of this drink. In this regard, the following should be taken into account:

1. Kvass usually contains between 0.5% and 1.5% alcohol. It depends on the length of fermentation and the recipe.

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The same amount of ethyl alcohol can be found in non-alcoholic beer. And in kefir there is even less of it – no more than 0.05%. A similar amount of the substance can be found in apples, bananas, oranges and grapes, in which the fermentation processes have already begun.

Kumys can claim the title of an alcoholic beverage. As a rule, it contains 0.5% to 2.5% ethyl alcohol, but in a strong natural product the alcohol content can reach 4%.

2. Kvass, as a rule, is well absorbed by the body. and can aid digestion due to its lactic acid content and beneficial bacteria.

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3. To get drunk on kvass, you need to consume it in very large quantities.which is almost impossible due to the low alcohol content and rapid liquid saturation.

4. Considering the low alcohol content of kvass, it is usually It shouldn’t be a problem to drive a car. after use. However, if the drink is homemade and its alcohol content is higher than the standard, it is better to refrain from driving the car.

Photo by: Elena Rui

It is important to remember that even small amounts of alcohol can affect your ability to drive, so you should always exercise caution and use alternative means of transport if necessary.

Resume: In theory, you can get drunk on kvass, because it still contains a small dose of alcohol. However, you will not be able to drink such a quantity of drink that it will affect your condition.

It should also be noted that a breathalyzer can “smell” alcohol vapors, especially if the kvass was homemade. Therefore, after drinking the drink, experts do not recommend immediately getting behind the wheel. It is better to wait half an hour while the body breaks down the alcohol.

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