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A goal from the center of the field, a pig in a Spartak fans’ match and a penalty shoot-out. IFL 1st Round Review

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 05:31:36

A new cycle of media football has officially begun in Russia. From April 19 to 21, the matches of the 1st day of the fifth season of the Media League were played. The initial tour brought many surprises, brilliant performances and unexpected results.

What happened in the offseason:

The death of Utkin, the arrival of Basta and brilliant transfers. The main events of the offseason in the Media League.

“Purely Peter” and “Amkal” were cut in bad weather

The match took place at the Kirovets stadium in Saint Petersburg. The weather in the northern capital has made its own adjustments. The meeting took place under heavy snowfall and the field was covered in a layer of ice. In such conditions, the players were unable to show their technical performance.

“Amkal” scored after a mistake by the “Puro Petersburg” goalkeeper, who could not catch the slippery ball that bounced on the wet and icy grass. The home team tied the score after a free kick: due to unpredictable rebounds, there was a tumult in the visiting goal, and the St. Petersburg player turned out to be the most effective in this chaos. Regular time ended in a draw and in the penalty shootout Amkal turned out to be better (or luckier).

By the way, the media component in this match was at a high level. Those who most caused the fire were the coach of “Pure Saint Petersburg”, Vladislav Radimov, and the “Amkal” player, Vasili Mavrin. They had witty exchanges that seemed like fun. And after the victory, in the visiting locker room, the players sang a song by Tatyana Bulanova, Radimov’s ex-wife.

Vladislav Radimov

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

The Match TV team knew how to surprise

In the match between FC Match and Kozly, an even match was expected. However, in reality, the sports channel team, which was modest in previous seasons, was able to surprise.

Match TV scored a goal in each half. Both goals were scored by former RPL players. In the first half of the match, former Dynamo player Vladimir Granat left his mark, and after the break, the 2009 Russian champion with Rubin, Andrei Gorbanets, left his mark. At the same time, Gorbanets not only scored, but did something beautiful: he shot from the center of the field.

2DROTS suffered from an ex

According to the poster, this was the central match of the 1st round. The match took place at the Dynamo stadium in Minsk (Belarus). Almost 14 thousand fans were present in the stands. This is an interesting figure not only for media football, but also for professional sports.

The favorite was 2DROTS, the champion of the first two seasons, who dreams of becoming hegemonic again in the fifth season. However, already in the seventh minute of the game the “samurai” were in the minority. The team was disappointed by newcomer Andrei Spirin, who committed a last-minute foul near the penalty area.

Ten of 2DROTS sat deep in defense. The “Ten” took control of the match and opened the scoring. And closer to the end of the match, the comedy team also scored a penalty with an extra ball (a goal like this counts as two). It is noteworthy that the “samurai” was buried by his former striker Sergei Kutuzov, who now plays for FC “10”, with a shot from the penalty spot.

Popular team trolled – for good luck

The newcomer to the MFL, who represents all of Belarus in the league, met with the press team of Spartak Moscow fans. The match was played at the Dynamo stadium in Minsk. Before the start of the match, the anthems of Russia and Belarus were played.

The football itself wasn’t particularly exciting. The fate of the match was decided by the only goal of the home team, scored by Vladislav Yasyukevich, who previously played in the Belarusian Major League. The most striking fact was the ironic performance of D Media. The team entered the game with the Spartak fans with a pig in their arms (in reference to the red and white team’s nickname). Judging by the comments on the stream, Media League viewers enjoyed this prank.

Live pig at a match with Spartak fans

Photo: Frame of the transmission.

Roma goalkeeper almost scores Fight Nights

In the community there were not excessive expectations about this match, but the football turned out to be of quite high quality. If you don’t look at the team names, it was very similar to an FNL match.

All the goals were scored in the first half. Roma opened the scoring, but Fight Nights quickly recovered and took the lead. Among the moments of media interest, it is worth highlighting the dismissal of the visiting coach, who snatched the ball from the hands of a rival who was buying time. The ending was also interesting: the Roma goalkeeper entered the attack line and almost scored the bonus goal (such a goal would have given the team the victory).

Miracle return of FC Bus with “Money Rockets”

“Bus” met with the most criticized MFL team. Before the start of the season, FC Dengi partnered with the Rocket Team club, which did not qualify for the league through the play-offs. From the point of view of rationalism, this is the correct decision. “Money” had budget issues and Rocket had deep pockets and really wanted to join the league. However, the fans did not appreciate this move and accused the president of “Dinero” of being corrupt (it sounds like a play on words, but this is the reality of media football).

According to the plot, the Bus – “Money Rocket” match turned out to be one of the funniest in the first round. “Bus” opened the scoring in the match (1-0), but then “Money Rockets” changed the course of the match, scoring two goals in a row (2-1). Bus later activated the extra ball and earned a penalty. By implementing it, the team could take the initiative. But the player got worried and shot over the goal.

Everything was aimed at the victory of the “Money Rockets”, but in the last seconds of the match FC Bus equalized the score thanks to the efforts of Kirill Dubnikov. After this, the game moved into a series of post-match shootouts, where “Bus” had better luck. A dramatic victory for the character!

Interesting information about salaries in media football.

How much do they earn in media football? We name specific numbers

The champions of recent years played the most boring match on the circuit

We had the highest possible expectations for this match, given the level and ambitions of the teams (the champions of the last two seasons faced each other). But in reality the game was mediocre. Nothing notable happened either in football or in the media.

The main half of the match ended in a goalless draw. In the next series of firefights of this round, Rodina Media turned out to be stronger.

Dmitry Tarasov, Rodina Media

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

“Brooke Boys” and “Egrisi” fought again

In the last game of the tour, Broki met with Egrisi. The game was one-sided.

The team of Raizen and Dmitry Egorov was frankly stronger in all aspects. And the final result only confirms it. Egrisi’s players were remembered only for one goal that was not counted due to offside and for being too emotional: they had several conflicts with the Brooks.

This year should be a breakthrough for media football


What the fifth season of the Media League will be like: favorites, money, Enough and the World Cup among the media teams

The match schedule for the second round of the IFL has not yet been published. And the group classification after the 1st round is as follows:

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