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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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A great ending to the battle for 12th place in the RPL. Joint designs for the teams of Yuran and Evseev.

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 17:05:55

A great ending to the battle for 12th place in the RPL. Joint designs for the teams of Yuran and Evseev.

Dmitry Zimin June 3, 2023, 19:52 Moscow time

Wings left! But who was luckier with the joints: Nizhny or Fakel?

Surprisingly, before the last round, three teams had roughly equal chances of taking 12th place, thus clinching the play-offs. For this, Pari NN had to defeat the relegated Khimki and wait for the defeats of Fakel and Krylia. realistic scenario? Quite. After all, the other two outsiders played with the leaders.

Samarans would have moved up to 12th place, subject to victory over Spartak and Zenit’s victory over Fakel on their ground. Voronezh had not only the most confusing situation, but also the strongest opponent. Ideally, they needed a win, but a draw looked like a good result: leaving chances to fly up to 12th if Spartak scored points in Samara.

The style of play in the first half immediately characterized the desire and spirit of all the applicants. “Torch” closed against “Zenith”, almost without running into attacks. Voronezh held the draw without much faith in victory. Peter was also in no hurry to score. The team played with a semi-reserve formation, so the connections were broken in attacks.

Play “Zenith” and “Torch”

Photo: fc-zenit.ru

“Pari NN” from the very beginning began to “drown” “Khimki” and it was obvious that sooner or later this would lead to a goal. But the most interesting events took place in Samara – there “Spartak” and “Krylia” showed the most elegant game with a mutual exchange of great moments. It is important to note that Spartak was also motivated, because there was still a chance for second place. It is unlikely that KB knew that CSKA was crushing Rostov with such confidence.

The best of the first half was Frolov’s save after Promes’s shot, while Maksimenko saved with a no less spectacular jump after Babkin’s shot. However, no goals were scored in the first half in Samara. Like Petersburg. But Sergei Yuran’s team did, once again indicating that they would not drop any points in the match with Khimki. And they will do everything in their power to claim the 12th place down to last.

“Torch” heroically fought back, but “Zenith” did not go out and took advantage of a dangerous moment. Erokhin scored a goal in the 82nd minute. It was almost impossible to get it back.

But “Wings” definitely upset Sergei Yuran – in the 55th minute, Garre, after a cool pass, hit Maksimenko. Spartak had plenty of chances after that, and Promes didn’t convert a penalty, but Samara survived.

Here – more about the victory of “Wings”

“Wings” made “Spartak” and remained in the RPL! Terrible day for Promes

By the time their match ended, Fakel had already lost. And they all knew it. So, after the final whistle, the entire crowd rushed to congratulate each other. 12th place is behind them, perhaps the fairest result of round 30. Igor Osinkin’s team definitely did not deserve relegation.

The play-offs included Fakel and Pari NN. Voronezh will play Enisey. And Nizhny Novgorod – with the “Motherland”. The first games will be played in the fields of the First League teams. That is, Fakel will have not only a long flight to Krasnoyarsk, but also a game in the arena. Sergey Yuran’s team is much easier in this regard – Rodina plans to hold his conditionally home match in Moscow at the VTB Arena. The meetings will take place on June 6 and 9.

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