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Monday, March 27, 2023
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A little about moral ugliness. Yaremenko replica

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 07:37:02

Alexander Kokorin turned it on again here. No, he didn’t score hat-tricks in Cyprus. Lit in the verbal gender. He says that he who does not sit is not a man. The editor-in-chief of “Soviet Sport” reacts.

The subject of imprisonment is becoming more dense in our lives. A banal anecdote when a person is interested in a free seat at a table in a cafe:

– I feel?

I don’t know, I’m not a fortune teller…

This is getting closer and closer to our current realities. Therefore, we are comfortable with the almost criminal phrases in public discourse. No one is already upset by the words “fryer”, “shmon”; it is strange that they are not yet included in the press releases. But other characters are still capable of surprising us.

One of them – in the recent past – a withered “violet”, and in a slightly more distant past – Alexander Kokorin, deftly attacking the visitors of the cafe with chairs. I have just given an interview, in which, on several occasions, I spoke of three boxes. But I think it’s important to mention only one passage, where he talks about being in prison. To quote, it is worth: “This is a great experience, a good school! I once said that every normal man, a man, should do time. To come to his senses and feel such a school. You need to do a life hack: bring the guys who have swam a little, for a month, for two in a pre-trial detention center.

Some kind of wild nonsense, it already surprises, by God … Why does everyone have to serve time? For what reason? This is probably a feature of human nature – to find an excuse for what has already happened to you and to skewer even your stupidity on the skewer of your life. This is a feature of psychology, so you don’t get killed for what you’ve done. It is similar to our history and attitude to it: why repent of sins, if you can say that these are not sins at all?

I do not speak for everyone, but only for myself. At 51 years old, I have not been to prison yet, although from prison and scrip, as they say … If I do, then maybe, otherwise I will look at everything. But for today, my opinion, not weighed down by this experience, is quite satisfactory. Today I also heard a comment from a psychologist about what Kokorin’s position on the chair means and how to perceive that Sasha talks about himself in places in the third person. Well, it’s a shame for the guy: while we studied in childhood, he often hit the ball with his head. Probably more often than would be necessary for health today.

Sasha talked about childhood there in an interview? So, let me tell you about my childhood. In the ’80s, we often heard the phrase “…he’ll make a man of you” in connection with the military. The army will make a man of you: it was a kind of common template that rushed in from everywhere. Nobody wanted to join the army. Someone – because of the imminent opportunity to go to Afghanistan, someone because the army in the consciousness of the masses was equal to a prison. My father, a career Russian officer, constantly compared these two cases with me, explaining that both there and there a person has no rights and civil liberties, and without them you will not become a self-actualizing person.

There were no opportunities to “cut” from the army, they quickly found it. He turned 18, he walked like everyone else. And it’s even easier to “cut” from prison – do not break the law. And how, in this case, to understand Kokorin’s words? How to get into prison to become a man? How to go through the school you need, feel there and all that… Go and commit crimes? Which? kill someone? Violation? Or is it necessary to wield a chair for it to get in Kokorin’s way? It is definitely not necessary according to Dostoevsky, otherwise it will not work?

Some kind of uneducated moral monster who can’t learn from anything.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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